Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Where you work - Thematic Photography

Not an easy theme when you have retired. If I said where I work is in the house, this might be challenged. Anything I do at my computer is classed as 'playing.'

I guess that where I work must therefore be restricted to outside in the garden - quite a pleasant occupation at this time of year when it is sunny and warm. So here's some shots from today.

With one or the other and often all three the 'day's work' starts here.

Wheelbarrow, (hidden tool store) and garden shed
In  the front garden - 

The green waste bag awaits
and waits along with - 

A fork
It must have been warm for that coat to have been discarded. Perhaps I was waiting for my female assistant.

Mrs Blackbird
It's a good thing that she will work for the minimum wage of a worm or two with this lot to tackle.

Shrubs to trim and snowdrop leaves and weeds to remove.
Can you see that flowering dandelion?

Of course there's the lawn to cut

And sycamore seedlings to take out of the gravel
You might think that this is not much of a task but the sycamore count has passed 170 in the last week. There will be more tomorrow.

Then of course where I work will move to the back,

Back lawn
If you are eagle-eyed you might just see the toe of the lady of the house who is lapping up the sun.

All this is a world away from where Carmi works at Thematic-photographic-334.


Gilly said...

Ha yes! I nearly posted some shots of the garden too! And as for sycamore seedlings - don't mention them to me!!!

Jo said...

Yeah I am told I am playing when I am on the computer even if I happen to be doing the banking or something.

photodoug said...

Bob, what a great work space. Who says that work cannot be fun? Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

I think I see that toe! This yard looks like my kind of work.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Your garden looks great, Bob.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It's clear to see that you've been working hard in your garden. It's lovely!

Common Household Mom said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL yard!

Susan Taylor said...

What a fantastic yard, front and back. I live seeing glimpses of the lives of others. Thank you for sharing.