Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mugs - Thematic Photography

We have a variety of mugs 'scattered' around the house.

One celebrates a 1000 years of brewing, but for many years now it has just been used as a

Storage jar
Then there are the pewter tankards that I acquired in Norway back in the 1980s.

Unfortunately these days they stay empty and all I am allowed to do is admire the pictures which encircle them at the bottom.

Older than these are the mugs that celebrate the Coronation of our Queen.

Coronation Mug - June 2nd 1953
The only mug I use on a regular basis is - 

My coffee mug
That candle is part of a Christmas table decoration standing behind it.

Finally one that I admire every day I walk to collect my newspaper.

And no, it's not a selfie!

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Favourite choice - Sunday Stamps !!

With so many available and after 36 hours of rain it was difficult to make a choice.

As I have recently transferred all my American stamps to a stock book and arranged them in date of issue sequence I decided to include just one.

USA - George Washington 1923
I chose this one because it is the oldest in my collection from the States.

Closer to home and much more recent it just had to be one from a set of 10 issued in 2015 that I have shown before.

Great Britain - Tees Transporter Bridge, River Tees
Now it has stopped raining we might even go out and take a look at it in real life - if the river banks are not flooded, that is.

I know that Violet has chosen bridges for next week to start the New Year off, but I could not resist showing you my favourite stamp of 2015.

Hope you had a very merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for the New Year.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Signage - Thematic Photography

On my way out the door this wet and windy morning I was glad to take the hint from -

Mr Snowman
I just hope that this signage is not too high.

I'd hate it to be ignored
At the time I'm out it's too early to get a drink.

Mulled wine would be ideal
It's too wet and muddy to take this route.

How many of you remember last week's gate parallels, I wonder.

As Christmas gets ever closer we get a reminder that others have to work.

Shell Garage service
For some, opportunities may open up in the New Year - if you are young enough.

Yarm School New Year event
All that's left is for me to wish you all.

Merry Christmas
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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas (religious) - Sunday Stamps II

I showed two secular stamps last week from Australia. Today I have a five year-old's view of a religious theme again from 1983.


Another stamp from Canada continues the link to last week.

Canada - Madonna and Child
Again I have trouble dating this stamp.

Among a large number of stamps from the USA I found another Madonna.

USA - 1966 - Madonna and Child (painting by Hans Memling)
I'm beginning to despair of ever succeeding in removing GB stamps from envelopes no matter what I try; I even resort to acetone or WD 40 - I get them off, but often only manage to discolour them.

This year I broke my 'golden rule' and went out a bought the complete set.

GB - 2015, 1st & 2nd class for large envelopes

Great Britain 2015 Meditations on the imagery of Christmas
Happy Christmas to all those who take part in Violet's Sunday-Stamps-II and to all our followers.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Parallel - Thematic Photography

I hope that Carmi's railway is not used very often as his parallel picture must have been taken from a dangerous position.

The number of examples of parallel lines about surprised me somewhat.

I'm not sure that the symbols showing emergency diversion routes for main road traffic are appropriate but this one does include - 

A parallelogram
Road markings can include numerous parallel lines which bend a bit.

Central white lines
You can even see a parallelogram of sorts in places like this.

If you decide to go off road and across the fields you must avoid the parallel bars 

Of the entrance gate

On the other side of the road you might have to practice a thieves leap over 

A five-barred gate
For some, parallels are just a resting place.

A wood pigeon's perch
Up close it's much more impressive.

Woody dares you to walk underneath
It's a while since I included a photo of dogs so here's one from a few years ago.

Gem, Maxie and Sam behind the vertical parallels
Sadly all three have crossed the rainbow bridge but at least they can now run where they like and it's Lily, Gabby, Finn and Scout who have to look out between the bars.

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Secular Christmas - Sunday Stamps II

In two weeks it will be over but even we 'heathens' have a Christmas tree up now.

From Australia I found these children's drawings.

Australia - Christmas 1983
I have a third stamp from this group but you will have to wait till next week to see.

I also can show two stamps from Canada but I have not tracked down yet the year in which they were issued.

I usually receive a Christmas card from Denmark each year. Here is one to fit the theme.

Denmark 2013
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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Roadside - Thematic Photography

A high proportion of shots I take are of things I see on my daily 2 mile walk (each way) to collect a newspaper.

Carmi's Roadside theme is just right for me even if the results are a bit mundane.

Refuse wheelie bin on the path the day after the weekly collection
Some 'waste' however is squashed flat on the road.

Deposit left by a horse from the village riding school
On a corner the salt/grit bin is positioned ready for ice and snow.

Salt bin
The 'rag and bone' man collects items like these left out by residents.

Chairs for scrap metal disposal
At this time of year the seats and table outside the village pub are not crowded.

There is always the chance that dog walkers will be seen enjoying the grass at the roadside.

Of course I could always divert down the lay-by opposite attracted by the promise of the sign.

Even if it is only a 'take away.'

Snoopy's snacks
I really must come by after dark to enjoy the promise of -

Christmas lights
Including those on top of the wall.

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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Playtime, toys or games - Sunday Stamps II

This has proved a difficult theme for me. However when looking for some stamps for Words and Numbers last week another William Caxton stamp caught my eye.

Great Britain 1976 - Game and Playe of Chess
Then I've had to cheat a bit and go to New Zealand for some 'games'.

New Zealand 1974 - Xth British Commonwealth Games
I know that Sunday Stamps has a Christmas theme for the next two weeks but I found a different New Zealand stamp which shows a game in progress.

Cricket on the beach - Christmas 2013
I struggled to find a toy that I had not shown before but an old Swedish toy saved the day.

Sweden 1978
My wife usually asks me on a Sunday whether I have finished playing with my stamps. Little did she know that 'Playtime' is very appropriate for Violet this week at Sunday-Stamps-II-51.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Island Beaches - Sepia Saturday

I must have walked a few miles along island sands, sometimes with a dog, but never with a gun like Robinson Crusoe below:

The Isle of Skye may be connected to the mainland now by a bridge but in 1957 it was unreachable from -

The foreshore on the island of Raasay
The week of our geological expedition from St Andrews the weather threatened to spoil our stay.

Whereas on the Isles of Scilly it was much more welcoming.

Tresco beach
And not crowded at all.

One man's footsteps
He must have got separated from his dog.

Buster waiting for someone to join him
A North Yorkshire beach is comparatively crowded.

Dogs at Saltburn
Further down that beach the cliffs are menacing.

Any footprints here are filled in quickly in the squelchy sand.

Those in Cornwall are much easier to see even though we may not know who made them at the time.

While Aphrodite strides out from beneath the sea

a curlew decides to make itself scarce along the River Tees.

If you had wondered where I've been for so long I'll just leave you to guess on which deserted island I have been marooned while you check other posts at Sepia-Saturday-308.