Sunday, 23 February 2020

Sunday Stamps - Green: USA Canada, San Marino

I can resist posting this link for the colour green from 2016 as it shows the theme of Going Green

I can add to this three further stamps which are green in colour to some extent.

USA - 26 July 1945
Roosevelt and Hyde Park
Canada - 8 March 1979
San Marino - 21 September 1963
This pole vaulter commemorated the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 1964.

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

Sunday Stamps - watercraft: USA

The US Coast Guard had this stamp, showing their landing craft and a supply boat, issued in 1945 after WWII had finished.

USA - 10 October 1945
During the war the US built thousands of cargo ships to help supply Britain. They were of a simple standard design for the US Merchant Marine and were named Liberty Ships.

USA - 26 February 1946
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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Sunday Stamps - Country: - Brunei, Equatorial Guinea, Irag

What do Brunei, Equatorial Guinea and Iraq have in common?

Well I only have one or two stamps from each and I have never posted any of them before.

My two stamps from Brunei depict the same man - 

Brunei - 1 March 1952
Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin III was the 28th Sultan of Brunei. Brunei was a British Protectorate from 1888 to 1984. He was their first Minister of Defence after Brunei's independence. He died in 1986.

I also have two stamps from Equatorial Guinea. The first commemorates the 1972 Olympic Games held in Munich, depicting a diver.

Equatorial Guinea - 17 August 1972
The starling on the second stamp seems much larger tha those we see in our garden most days of the week.

Equatorial Guinea - 12 November 1976
This is from a series of North American birds and Protection of Nature.

The third National Census of Iraq was held in 1965 when the recorded population exceeded 8 million.

Iraq - 29 November 1965
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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Sunday Stamps - science: Denmark, West Germany

As part of my degree course at St Andrews University in the 1950s I had to study Atomic Physics for a term. That's where I first heard of Niels Bohr's Atomic theory.

Denmark - 21 Nov !963
In 1813 Bohr had proposed a theory for the hydrogen atom based on quantum theory that energy is transferred only in well defined quantities. Electrons move round the nucleus in prescribed orbits and when they jump from one orbit to another with lower energy a light quantum is emitted.

These stamps were issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his theory. His atomic model depicts a positive charged nucleus surrounded by electrons travelling in circular orbits defined by their energy level.

By the time of this anniversary we had seen the first Russian space flight (1961). Equipment used to track this event had included radio  telescopes.

This one appeared on a German stamp.

West Germany - 15 July 1975
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