Sunday, 31 January 2021

Sunday Stamps - Countries whose names have changed: Ceylon, Belgian Congo, Czechoslovakia

My brother spent 22 yrs in the Fleet Air Arm on board many of WWII aircraft carriers and on several wartime land bases. One of these was Ceylon which is now Sri Lanka.

Ceylon - 1951

Not exactly an aircraft carrier is it?

Czechoslovakia as the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic was under Russian control from 1948 - 1990. In 1993 the country was split into the Czechoslovakia Republic and Slovakia.

Czechoslovakia - 25 September 1967

I have no stamps from Slovakia but some from the Czech Republic.

A Belgian Colony in Africa, the Belgian Congo adopted its present name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1964.

Belgian Congo - 1952/1953

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Sunday, 24 January 2021

Sunday Stamps - Poets; Great Britain, USA

 I went to school in Stamford Lincolnshire and travelled many times by train to Peterborough passing through on the way the village of Helpston.

Helpston was the place where the poet John Clare lived. Clare features on one of the 10 stamps commemorating 'The Romantic Poets' issued in April 2020. 

Coleridge, Blake,Scott, Shelly, Wordsworth, Mary Robinson. Letitia Landon, Keats and Byron are the other poets in the series.

I posted my only stamp for John Keats in 'Poetry in Stamps' nearly 10 years ago - you may find it here

Meanwhile The Romantic Poets series has this for him.

Great Britain - 20 April 2020

My 'Poetry in Stamps' post will, if you checked out the link I gave earlier, includes  Theodore Roethke from the USA series for '20th Century Poets'. The whole series can be seen in one sheet - 

USA - 21 April 2012

I must confess that I only recognised one of these - Sylvia Plath.

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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Sunday Stamps - Women on Stamps: Italy, Greece

 When I saw the 'Women in Art' series on Italian stamps I  realised there was a similarity between them all.

Italy - 2 January 2002

The head is from an Etruscan coin. However I had found another woman as the stamp designer was Christina Bruscaglia.

I now have to check the names shown in the bottom right hand corner of each stamp.

I would like to find a stamp that shows the American Lucille Ball but settled in the end for the lady once known as the Greek Lucille Ball.

Greece - 30 November 2011

This is the actress Rena Vlahopoulou in the series commemorating Greek actors. She died in 2004.

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Sunday, 10 January 2021

Sunday Stamps - Science; Great Britain

 The Centenary of the Royal Institute of Chemistry was commemorated in 1977 in the issue of four stamps which also included the winners of a Nobel Prize.

To save you getting a crick in your next the topics and the Nobel Prize winners where - 
  • 8.1/2p  Steroids - Conformational Analysis   Barton 1969
  • 10p Vitamin C - Synthesis  W N Howarth 1957
  • 11p Starch - Chromatography  Martin & Synge 1952
  • 13p Salt - Crystallography  W H & W L Bragg 1915
I remember studying crystallography and the work of the Braggs in chemistry lectures at St Andrews in the 1950s.

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Sunday, 3 January 2021

Garden Birds in 2020

 The first visitor to our garden in 2021 was this colourful bird - shame it would not look in my direction.


I keep a spreadsheet of the type of birds that I see in my garden each day. I only saw the bullfinch on two days in 2020. The top ten of the 35 species seen were - 
  • Wood Pigeon - every day
  • Rook - every day
  • Gull - 79% of days
  • Blackbird - 63%
  • Starling - 63%
  • Jackdaw - 51%
  • Collared Dove - 45%
  • House Sparrow - 41%
  • Coal Tit - 40%
  • Blue Tit - 34%
The robin that appears regularly when I'm gardening was next at  30%.

On average we saw 21 different birds each month and 8 each day.

My records go back to 2003/4 - but were less complete back then.

I wonder whether this bird will come back more than the once it visited in 2020.

Sunday Stamps - Food and Drink; USA, Brazil

 I guess many of us have seen a lot of food and drink over Christmas and the New Year but I still had trouble finding stamps for this theme.

The 150th Anniversary of the Statehood of Illinois had some farm buildings and fields of grain on this stamp.

USA - 12 February 1968

The Celebrate the Century Series  contained this curious stamp for the 1900s which fits the food theme I suppose.

USA - 3 February 1998

Agricultural products appear on a number of stamps from Brazil and no it's not coffee that I have found.

Brazil - 1 September 1981

This is Anacardium Occidentale, the evergreen tropical cashew tree that gives us the cashew seed and the cashew nut. Its apple  is used for a drink and concentrated juice.

For more food for thought, or drink if you prefer go over to