Sunday, 25 August 2019

A Humdinger of a Day

The wasps told me to buzz off the back deck at my daughter's house this week.

However how the day turned into a humdinger when I transferred to the front porch as I'm sure you will agree.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Sunday Stamps Z4 - South Africa: Zebra

When it came to learning the alphabet I always knew that 'Z' always stood for - 

Because of that I must show (again) the South Africa stamp - 

South Africa - 20 November 1954
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Sunday, 11 August 2019

Sunday Stamps - Y4 Great Britain, Yugoslavia

'Y' turned out to be more difficult than I expected until I found a stamp depicting a roof boss from a church within 40 miles of where I live.

Great Britain - 27 November 1974
The boss from York Minster represents The Adoration of the Magi.

I had to resort to a tourism/sightseeing stamp from Yugoslavia for my second stamp.

Yugoslavia - 8 July 1972
There is a church on this stamp as well. However I have not established its exact location.

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Sunday Stamps X4 - USSR, Great Britain

I had to be eXtra creative to find some stamps for the letter X. After eXploring all my albums I came up with just two.

USSR - 24 April1974
Expo 1974 was the first environmentally themed world's fair so the USSR's flora stamp could not have been more appropriate. Expo 1974 was held at Spokane in the USA.

The Emperor Dragonfly from Great Britain made it easily into this post.

Great Britain - 12 March 1985
With a Latin name of AnaX Imperator how could I leave it out.

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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Sunday Stamps - W4 Sweden

At least Sweden has a 'W' in its name. However I did not expect to find so many relevant stamps from here.

If you fancy a trip on a boat then why not travel on a Waxholm boat.

Sweden - 1 January 1971
It at least does not want the wind to drive it unlike this structure with sails.

Sweden - 4 June 1971
I visited the town of Vasteras in the 1980s but not the Town Hall outside which stands a sculpture - The Grotto of the Winds - by Eric Grate

Sweden - 27 January 1976
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Thursday, 25 July 2019

New Fence and Snail Rail

We think that the garden fence we have just had to replace had been there for 50 years.

The new fence with concrete posts should last much longer and not be defeated by the ivy with stems of 2 inches diameter should it dare to come back.

Even if hidden by the equally new garden shed.

A recent thunderstorm has changed the character of a different fence alongside a wood which I pass every day.

It has now become 

The snail rail
Scores of snails about the size of my thumbnail  occupy the top rail.

Each snail train possesses different livery - 

Some have even found the way to change rail lines to avoid congestion.

I shall have to check it out again tomorrow as more storms are forecast for tonight.

Meanwhile, all aboard the 'Snail Rail' for Good Fences.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Sunday Stamps V4 - Great Britain - Nelson to the M4

Back in 2014 I posted stamps from Gibraltar commemorating Horatio Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar (here).

His flagship at Trafalgar was HMS Victory which I have found on a Great Britain stamp from 1951.

Great Britain - 3 May 1951
I was surprised to learn this week from a TV programme that the plane which has crossed the Atlantic fastest (after Concorde, that is) is still the Vickers VC-10. The VC-10 jet engine appeared on this stamp - 

Great Britain - 19 September 1967
On land, a series on bridges included a viaduct on the M4 motorway from London to Wales.

Great Britain - 26 April 1968
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