Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z (2) : B - Cambodia

No I haven't confused the letters, it's just that my Cambodian stamps show birds. And before you comment that that their Latin names begin with 'C' - I know that too.

Coccothraustes coccothraustes - Hawfinch
Cambodia -6 September 1999
We see the hawfinch in our garden every few years and I must say it is more colourful than on this stamp.

A much more regular visitor is the greenfinch despite reduced numbers in the last couple of years due to a throat infection that hampers their ability to eat.

Cambodia -6 September 1999
Carduelis chloris - Greenfinch
So that's 'C', 'G' and 'H' to celebrate 'B' for Birds.

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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z (2); 'A' Great Britain

For this second round of A-Z I've decided to not to deliberately select countries that begin with each letter but to see what else I could find.

In sorting ideas that came to my mind this stamp from a set of British Postal Technology was one that caught my eye,

Great Britain - 1 October 1969
Bridges have always been a favourite of mine so this bridge in Scotland seemed a natural choice for me, especially as I crossed the River Tay many times when at St Andrews University over 60 years ago.

29 April 1968
In the 18th century Aberfeldy was a number of small hamlets that coalesced together. As part of a road building project in 1733 General George Wade commissioned the construction of the bridge over the Tay. The bridge, over 400 feet in length supported by five arches, is still used to this day.

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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II - New Year

I have no stamps that celebrate the lunar New Year. However Maria sent me a stamp last year for the Rooster - 

I then discovered this mini-sheet from the USA - 

USA 29 January 2006
And tucked away in the centre of the bottom row is a stamp for the Year of the Dog,

Until I unearthed that I thought I would just have to show - 

Oscar in 2017 waiting for his first New Year in my daughter's home.

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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Sunday Stamps !! A-Z 'Z' - Czechoslovakia. South Africa

As we come to the end of this round of A-Z I thought I would have at least 2 'Zs' for the price of one - 

Czechoslovakia - 18 July 1953
Antonín Zápotocký was born at Zákolany in 1884. A communist, he became Prime Minister in 1948, and President in 1953 until his death later that year.

I searched for a stamp connected with Zulus but had to settle for this South African stamp from 1954

Zebra - 14 October 1954
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