Sunday 27 January 2019

Sunday Stamps W3 - USA Architecture & Law

In the American Architecture series issued in October 1982 'W' featured in more ways than one.

I had heard of Frank Lloyd Wright before and it was the Falling Water stamp for Mill Run PA that caught my eye. It was pure chance that another 'W' appeared in the second stamp of this pair - Walter Gropius and his Gropius House in Lincoln MA. It was Walter who said 'Architecture begins where engineering ends.'

An envelope sent to my attorney daughter (address removed) proved just right for today.

I chose it because I saw the World Peace stamps (unfranked as you can see). However the embossed envelope  refers to the White House Conference for youth in 1971 - my daughter was very young back then. Unfortunately I cannot read the franking date on the Jefferson stamp but it's in 2000s I'm sure. I wonder where the envelope had been since 1971 when 'Tricky Dickie' was President. The World Peace stamps were first issued on 29 April 1975. My daughter had passed the bar exam in 2010.

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Sunday 20 January 2019

Sunday Stamps V3 - Rwanda, Sweden, Singapore

The Stampworld catalogue heads this stamp 'Waterfalls and Volcanoes.'

Rwanda - 24 June 1966
The Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda borders National Parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. It is the home of mountain gorillas and golden monkeys and was a base for Dian Fossey. The five volcanoes in the park are five of the eight in the Virunga range - Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga, Subyinyo - but I don't know which one is depicted on the stamp.

Sweden - 26 April 1973
I'm sure you will all recognise the Viking ship. One from Norway stands on our mantle piece.

Although we get cats in our garden, none match this - 

Singapore - 6 June 2007

If you look closely you can see its Latin name is Viverra zibertha.

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Sunday 13 January 2019

Sunday Stamps U3 - Germany, Netherlands, Sweden

 Some letters are proving more difficult as we near the end of another A-Z round but the DDR gave me an unexpected surprise with - 
DDR (East Germany) - 6 December 1967
This was Walter Ulbricht, the German communist leader and someone I vaguely remember.

In the Netherlands I came across this heavily postmarked commemoration for the 100th anniversary of the United Nations Telecommunications Union (ITU).
Netherlands - 17 May 1965
Finally it was Sweden that came to mind, I just knew that Uppsala would appear on a stamp - even in this case with a double U.
Sweden - 2 June 1977
Founded in the 1477 it was a donation from King Gustavus that put Uppsala University on a sound financial footing.The stamp commemorates its 500th anniversary.

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Sunday 6 January 2019

Sunday Stamps T3 - USA

The UK press has had articles this week about Tombstone and 'The Gunfight at OK Corral.' I preferred the film 'High Noon' myself - and the ballad that accompanied it.

In case you are wondering what Frankie Laine has to do with 'T' related stamps, this is who composed the music for both films.
USA - 16 September 1999
This stamp came from the American Music Series for Hollywood Composers.
On the clear morning of August 6, 1945  Little Boy, the first atomic bomb, was dropped on Japan. The man who authorised that act was - 
USA - 18 February 1999
Fortunately the stamp does not commemorate the act. The stamp from the Celebrate the Century Series chose this for the 1940s. Truman is reputed to have had a sign on his desk declaring 'The Buck Stops Here'.

Tom Sawyer is said to be the first book written (in 1904) on a typewriter - by 
USA - 25 June 2011
The stamp is part of the Literary Art Series.

I cannot find a date on the copy of 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' that sits on one of our bookcases - but its pages are turning brown!

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