Sunday, 30 October 2016

Bizarre or Unexplainable - Sunday Stamps II

In merging stamps from three albums I came across these on an Egypt page. 

I have not succeeded in finding these in stamp catalogues (I normally use the one on Stamp World  online)

I cannot date them or even confirm whether they are indeed from Egypt. They could even be upside down.

Is there anyone out there can point me in the right direction?

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

It's a dog's life

Finn just doesn't care where he's going or how fast.

He will never ask,

"Are we nearly there yet?

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Autumn -Thematic Photography

Carmi sets us an autumn theme each year and I can never attempt to match the colour of the trees in a North American fall.

The next day the leaves have gone but elsewhere there is fun a guy can have.

Fungi - not ice cream
A day later,  colours are obscured and sheep appear like ghosts out of the fog.

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

City Views - Sunday Stamps II

One thing I'm learning from the old album I mentioned last week is how many countries names have altered over the years.

Take this stamp from Czechoslovakia for example.

Czechoslovakia - 20 October 1965
On the stamp in the background is the Castle of Bratislava; Bratislava is now the capital of Slovakia.

I've spent many hours in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital, and recognise the view on this stamp from 2011.

The stamp commemorates the 100th anniversary of Copenhagen's main railway station.

I believe this older stamp shows the inside.

Denmark - 25 March 1965
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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Screens - Thematic Photography

I guess that there will be not much unique about the screens I've shot today.

Yesterday the Home Coming Parade in Manchester for Team GB's Olympic athletes took up a lot of TV time.

At the local garage the advertising screens show the latest road conditions and try to get you to buy their latest offer.

Today is also the day for the trash collection, the wagon's screen gives you warning of workers in action.

I believe you have seen my next screen before - however, the date and time is different.

There's not much action on my wife's Ipad either.

I need permission to play with this except for seeing my daughter on FaceTime each week.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Foods of the World - Sunday Stamps II

Perhaps this post should be 'Fruits of the World.' My visit to our local flea market recently found this album 

from the 1950s; it contained a lot of interesting stamps - a bargain for a 'fiver'.

Two stamps from Bulgaria issued 3 July 1959 were easy to recognise.

And it definitely wasn't a case of sour grapes when it came to Cyprus.

Grapes - 17 Sept 1962
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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Post related - Sunday Stamps II

Two stamps from the USA seem appropriate for this week's postal theme.

USA - 3 May 1963
Montgomery Blair was the US Post Master who organised First International Postal Conference in Paris in 1863.

These days it is rare that we receive a Special Delivery like this - Hand to Hand

USA - 3 September 1957
I can't work out what the other stamp is on the envelope.

When it comes to special deliveries, not many can be as special as this.

Great Britain 
The Labrador, Rowan, carrying the letter is from the set of six Working Dogs issued on 5 February 2008.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Birds - Sunday Stamps II

On our recent trip to America we found these Canadian birds just across the Detroit River on Belle Isle.

That's Canada on the other Bank
I wonder how well the birds on these American stamps are known across there.

USA - Songbirds in the snow, 4 August 2016
  • Golden Crown Ringlet
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Red Breasted Nuthatch
I thing the cardinal is the only one I've seen. The Northern Cardinal has been adopted as the State bird for Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

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