Sunday, 25 November 2018

Sunday Stamps O3 - Great Britain, Greece, Malawi, New Zealand

Back in 1675 Sir Christopher Wren chose a site at Greenwich to be where King Charles II commissioned 

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich
Great Britain - 23 April 1975
The prime meridian passes through it, thereby giving its name to Greenwich Mean Time. In 1998 it became part of the National Maritime Museum.

Maintaining an old theme I found these old toys in Greece.

Greece  - 22 December 2006
Old toys from the Benaki Museum in Athens
I've posted stamps from Malawi in previous weeks and perhaps should have shown one of my favourites under 'K'.

Klipspringer Antelope - 15 February 1971
However, its Latin name is Oreotragus oreotraus.

1948 saw the 100th anniversary of the settlement of the New Zealand Province of Otago.

New Zealand - 23 February 1948
Now I have to find out about the two ships shown on the stamp.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Sunday Stamps N3 - Malawi, Netherlands, Norway

When I worked in Norway (for nearly 10 years) I saw and travelled on a lot of their boats but none that matched or allowed me to name ships like this - 

Norway - 7 October 1893
North Norwegian Ships
I've found some birds again this week from the Netherlands and Malawi.

Netherlands - 2 February 1999
100 years of Nature Preservation
Platalea leucorodia is a spoonbill.

For the 'N' connection of the Malawi bird you have to know its Latin name.

Malawi - 13 November 1968
Netarinia senegalensis
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Sunday, 11 November 2018

Remembrance Day on Sunday Stamps

On the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI it seems appropriate to commemorate the event with one of the series of Royal Mail stamps issued each year since 2014.

These are from the 2016 issue - 

Battlefield Poppy 
Giles Revell's photograph captures a single flower.

To My Brother
The English nurse, writer, feminist and pacifist wrote this poem when she lost her brother in the war.

Munitions Worker, Charlotte 'Lottie' Meade
One of the many women packing shells during the war, Lottie died of TNT poisoning in 1916.

Travoys Arriving with Wounded
Smol, Macedonia
The painter Stanley Spencer served in the RAMC in Macedonia before later joining the infantry and fighting there.

Tiepal Memorial, Somme
The memorial commemorates more than 72000 British and South African troops killed on the Somme before March 2018 and who have no known grave; most of those died in the Somme offensive of 1916.

The longest battle at sea and the only encounter between the British and German fleets took place at Jutland from 31 May -1 June 2016.

Captain's A C Green's Battle of Jutland Commemorative Medal
(If you look closely you will see that the letter 'M' is related to these stamps with memories of the war. For other 'M related stamps check out Sunday-stamps-m.)

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Sunday Stamps L3 - Mexico, Malawi, Germany

If you liked the kestrel in last week's post I'm sure that, like me, you will be pleased to see on of the Big Five from Malawi.
Malawi - 11 March 2011 - Leopard
However that is one stamp where I wish the country name was smaller.

If going to the theatre is your thing, how about visiting San Luis Potosi - 
Mexico -27 July 1945
Reconstruction of the Theatre of La Paz
In Germany I found an impressive castle, and no it didn't belong to Ludwig.
Germany - 2 January 2015
Ludwigslust Castle
In 2013 a joint issue between Germany and Australia commemorated the 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Ludwig Leichhardt. Ludwig disappeared along with 7 men, 20 mules and 70 bullocks on an exploration expedition in Australia in 1848.

No trace of them has ever been found other than the burnt-out stock of a gun in a tree, despite searches  still being carried out. 

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