Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday Stamps II A-Z (2); 'A' Great Britain

For this second round of A-Z I've decided to not to deliberately select countries that begin with each letter but to see what else I could find.

In sorting ideas that came to my mind this stamp from a set of British Postal Technology was one that caught my eye,

Great Britain - 1 October 1969
Bridges have always been a favourite of mine so this bridge in Scotland seemed a natural choice for me, especially as I crossed the River Tay many times when at St Andrews University over 60 years ago.

29 April 1968
In the 18th century Aberfeldy was a number of small hamlets that coalesced together. As part of a road building project in 1733 General George Wade commissioned the construction of the bridge over the Tay. The bridge, over 400 feet in length supported by five arches, is still used to this day.

To see how others have started the new theme again check out the links at Sunday-Stamps-II A.


Ana said...

love the 'automatic sorting' reference! :)) Interesting to see that Automatic sorting has been around for that long actually... wow!

violet s said...

That looks like an early (and simple!) bar code on the sorting stamp.
The bridge is pretty.

viridian said...

great choices!

Eva A. said...

I'm looking forward to se what will you find... The A letter is already interesting!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - clever ... loved seeing the sorting machine too - as well as the bridge ... amazing workmanship ... cheers Hilary

Jo said...

I didn't think automatic sorting had been around that long. surprised it can be done at all bearing in mind some people's writing.

You're a bit early for A to Z. Not even March yet.

Heleen said...

Beautiful stamps, all of them. And despite of the loss of jobs for workers, I love mail related stamps, and the automatic sorting stamp is among my favourites now, also for the beautiful design.