Sunday 25 September 2022

Great Britain Swimmers on Sunday Stamps

As I have been 'missing' for quite a while I guess it is time for me to share a dip with an engaging British bird to be seen on many of our rivers

Dipper - 16 Jan 1980

Dippers are so-called because of their bobbing and dipping movements, They have the ability to dive and swim under water where they catch, among other things, small fish to eat.

However a fish I was always proud, as a boy, to catch when fishing would have been too large for the dipper - but the larger ones would have made a meal for me.

Perch - 26 Jan 1983

I suspect that the perch would also have made a meal for this mammal that used to frequent the rivers which ran through and near the village where I spent my youth.

Otter - 5 Oct 1977

I'm ashamed to say back then they were hunted by packs of otter hounds - although I never saw any being caught.

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