Sunday, 26 December 2021

Christmas Stamps on Sunday: Great Britain

 British stamps have acquired bar codes this year - but fortunately not all of them. No-one in our post offices (counters in a newsagent and a general shop) can tell us what they are for.

Christmas without a barcode

Christmas with a bar code

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all.

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violet s said...

Maybe that code is showing that Mary and the Angels are double vaxxed??
They are pretty stamps, though.

FinnBadger said...

Here the postage labels have barcodes - they prevent the labels from being used again even if they haven't been franked. I'm not a fan, either, although Royal Mail's implementation is better than La Poste's.

Mail Adventures said...

So those bar codes remain a mystery...

Joy said...

This year's stamps have grown on me. I don't like the barcode either and apparently if it gets franked then the scanner can't read them. The German post changed their franking colour to get around the problem; a bit too straightforward for Royal Mail.