Sunday, 19 April 2015

Health, Medical, Red Cross - Sunday Stamps II

Great Britain commemorated the Centenary Congress of the Red Cross in 1963 with this set of stamps.

Great Britain - 15 Aug 1963
The delegates met in Geneva from 2 - 9 September 1963 in the Palais des Nations.

A familiar sight at many public occasions in Britain are the black and white uniformed members of the St John Ambulance Brigade. Their Centenary was commemorated on 16 June 1987 with this set showing Brigade Members in action throughout the hundred years.

Great Britain - St John Ambulance Brigade
The stamps depict:
  • 18p - Brigade Members with Ashford Litter 1887
  • 22p - Bandaging Blitz Victim 1940
  • 31p - Volunteer with fainting girl - 1965
  • 34p - Transport of Transplant Organ by Air Wing 1987

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Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I'm back on track now - thanks for telling me!

I remember the earlier Red Cross stamps better than the later ones, for some reason.

FinnBadger said...

Thanks for sharing these two stunning sets. The first is classic. The second is fascinating - the stamps look like they are from a darkly-themed graphic novel.

Jo said...

I agree, they do look like a darkly-themed graphic novel. Bit too busy as well. The Red Cross ones are much better.

Joy said...

I like how they show the different eras on the St. John's stamps. In common with the comments I see the graphic novel element there. The two sets you show are an interesting contrast in style

Bill Nicholls said...

Look at the price of the stap. 3D that's just about a 2p in Decimal coinage we have now, that used to be first class. What does it cost now.

♥ Willa ♥ said...

The St. John Ambulance Brigade have a stunning design.

violet s said...

My apologies for being missing in action on Sunday - internet was done and is only now just up and running.
The 1965 stamps made me chuckle - fainting at a Beatles concert, perhaps?