Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Somewhat worse for wear - Thematic Photography

Currently we are being warned of a potential disaster for  ash trees in the UK. The Chalara fraxinea fungus may cause millions of ash trees to be lost from what is becoming known as 'ash die back.'

The tree in my first picture is an ash tree that is somewhat the worse for wear, battered by storms and apparently dead.

Dead Ash Tree - Kirklevington hedgerow
This tree is not a victim of ash die back as there has been no cases reported in the area. However on closer inspection the tree is not as dead as it looks supporting as it does -

Fungus on the trunk
Beefsteak fungus
The tree's bark may be the worse for wear but the fungi are not.

This little fellow has appeared before when Carmi's theme was red but he was definitely somewhat worse for wear when he flew into our lounge window early one morning.

Lesser spotted woodpecker
He recovered after a while a flew away, but not in a very straight line.

Recovering but still groggy

We can't claim to have had the winds of Hurricane Sandy but a Cornish storm had this effect on a garden shed.

Fowey 2008
I've written about my daughter's dogs before. Currently Lily is somewhat sorry for herself.

Lily (plus Elizabethan collar)
This was after an overnight stay at an animal hospital where she went somewhat worse for wear with a nasty injury.

Lily's back leg
She was found in this condition when my daughter arrived home from work. We have still to established how it happened.

To see if others are worse for wear don't forget to visit Carmi at Thematic photographic 219



Jo said...

Oooh, poor pooch. Looks really nasty. Could she have chewed it? Had a dog do that once because of problems with anal glands.

Sorry to hear about the ash trees.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

We have some nasty beetle which is invading Ash trees here in the Midwest...our little town has cut down many old ones not because of the beetle but to make way for wider streets. We keep a good lookout watching for the bug here, because it would be devastating to our huge ash that provide great shade. That is an array of photos, from trees through the dog leg wound. Hope she recovers.

dean said...

That is a nasty cut, wow. Interesting that she doesn't seem to have bled a great deal.

Poor pooch.

R. Mac Wheeler said...


poor Lily

Anna L. Walls said...

Ooh that is a nasty cut. Poor baby. I hope it's all better now.

Janet said...

my family had an ash tree in the front yard for years and years, since my parents bought their home in 1960 and it was there before. It grew so tall that eventually it had to be cut down, since the town was afraid it would fall on power lines in high winds. I still miss that tree :-( And omg what do you think happened to your poor dog???

L. D. Burgus said...

That is a nasty wound. Dogs seem to heal up fast but she will have to grow new skin on that injury. My border collie injures himself a lot while outside in our fenced in area. Once he split his one ear down the middle. It did grow back together.

Karen S. said...

Oh my goodness Bob, poor, poor puppy, that is just so horrible. I do hope all is going to be okay! I just really can't image coming home to finding this! Your post with nature is a perfect worse for wear collection- of course now all I can really see is your daughter's pup right now! Sending hugs for her and good blessings as well little doggie!

Little Nell said...

Poor trees, poor Woody, poor dog. Yes all in need of our sympathy I fear.

Alexia said...

Oh this theme is producing some rather melancholy posts! I do hope the ash trees are not going to go the way of elms... and the poor little bird - I hope he recovered fully, with no brain damage :(

Sad Lily - a nasty injury. Hope she's back to normal soon. Do tell us if you work out how it happened, Bob!

Lisa Shafer said...

I liked the tree, but I really could've done without the dog-wound close up. Eww.

Gilly said...

Several tales of woe there! Hope the little woodpecker recovered, and that poor dog is still leaping around on all four feet.

Max Sartin said...

Great set of pictures, I love the woodpecker, and the garden shed is striking. And I wish Lily the best recovery.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Poor woodpecker and doggie!

I hope they both get better.

Bob, we're losing ashes all over the mountain in West Virginia. It is due to an invasive species, the Emerald Ash Borer.

It has killed at least 50 to 100 million ash trees so far and threatens to kill most of the 7.5 billion ash trees throughout North America.

Very sad. All these trees gone, older than even you and I.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oh poor little stunned woodpecker...and poor doggie too!! hopefully they both recover fully!!

i LOVE the tree...beautiful picture.
and of course the fungi!! some of my favorite things to take pictures of...'shrooms & fungi!!

the shed blown over the fence...yikes! hopefully noone was inside tending to their plants!!