Friday, 2 November 2012

The Tourist Killer

I've just  finished FCEtier's 'The Tourist Killer' on my Kindle. I don't 'do' many book reviews but this one is somewhat different and challenges your preconceptions of what makes a killer.

The dramatic start to FCEtier's debut thriller sees the execution of a serial killer by a professional assassin. At the beginning of each of the novel's seven parts we learn more about Claudia Barry and how she developed the skills to have performed a shooter's role undetected for over 30 years.

Barry does not meet the person who assigns her targets. Etier's tightly written prose takes us into the world of two powerful men who aim to control the world of the politicians; one a ruthless British CEO, the other an American billionaire. They just happen to be deadly rivals with private security guarding their every move. Barry has just two men whom she can trust but even they are not what they seem.

The action unfolding on Barry's next assignment in North Carolina and Tennessee includes favourite restaurants and shops, her battle with her conscience and an explosive motor cycle ride on dangerous mountain roads.

Although FCEtier's fast-paced story takes you into the world of personal business and government ethics you are left to decide whether the actions of the ageing Claudia Barry merit society's approval.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

The Tourist Killer  

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Karen S. said...

I don't think I've ever read one of your reviews before, but you do peek my interest in reading this! Thanks for sharing it Bob.