Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rectangles - Thematic Photography

Rectangles creep up on you unexpectedly. They appear in many photos and were the last thing you were thinking about when you took the shots like these.

Swallow on nesting box - Michigan
And maintaining the theme of birds and rectangles:-

Aviary - Preston Park, Teesside
Down in Cornwall I was frustrated by the column that blocks the shot of a terracotta frieze.

Terracotta frieze - Truro Cathedral
Whereas if I had been looking for rectangles I couldn't have found a better place. 

Back in Yorkshire's Wensleydale rectangles even appeared on a roof.

Bolton Castle roof.
I'm told by mathematicians that a rectangle is a closed planar quadrilateral with opposite sides of equal lengths and with four right angles. I just hope that I am not a square, as apparently a square is a degenerate rectangle. Now whom do I blame for that?

Certainly not the others that you can find over at Carmi's Rectangular Thematic Photographic-222


Marc Latham said...

Belters, Bob.
Bird on box best,
Bolton Abbey brill.

Sandra Tyler said...

Tha castle roof photo so very cool~!

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Enjoyed :O)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Don't let the mathematicians get you down, Bob.

Nice pics!

Gilly said...

Great shots! Love the swallow, but there is no way I'd get up on that roof!!

aw said...

Your selections always seem to be thinking outside the box, Bob, so the bird on the outside of the box here is most appropriate.

Jo said...

Lovely pix as usual.

Max Sartin said...

The bird feeder out in the field is beautiful. Great set of rectangles.

Karen S. said...

A fine group of rectangles just rectangling around .... I enjoyed the bird feeder most of all too!

Jess Brady said...

Funny how rectangles seem to show up everywhere when you look closely for them. Good eye, Bob! :)