Sunday, 7 October 2012

Public buildings - Sunday Stamps

When I saw that Viridian had chosen public architecture as the theme for this week which we could interpret broadly I was sure that I could contribute. However when I checked my albums I had so many stamps that could be used I didn't know where to start.

When my favourite market stallholder offered me these stamps showing castles for just a £1 investment I was hooked.

Hungary - Castles
I discovered that they are from a series of 15 issued between 1986 and 1992. What's more there is a stamp collecting blog about them all which you may find interesting - Definitive-stamp-series

The fact that I wrote about castles in last April's A-Z Blog also influenced my choice of the Hungarian stamps over the many others I could have posted on Sunday-stamps-91 where you can check out other contributions.

Now I'm off to find out about each castle.


Ana said...

thats a great deal actually for the stamps! and thanks a lot for the link.
you should try and get the missing ones from the series :)

Jo said...

Unusual set of stamps. I agree, you should try and get the rest.

Little Nell said...

There's something romantcsoundingabout Hungarian castles. I bet you'll unearth something!

viridian said...

A lovely set of stamps. Time to pull out the magnifying glass and see if the names of castles are there. thank you for joining in.

Postcardy said...

I like those stamps for their colors and design.I looked at the link--it demonstrates how obsessive stamp collectors can get about variations.

VioletSky said...

Coming from a land without castles, these are Hungarian ones are fascinating.
and what a deal from your 'favourite market stallholder"!

Lisa B said...

This is a wonderful set and yes, I can see why you'd be tempted to complete it. Of course postcards featuring each of the castles would also be a nice addition! I like these little market stalls where you can pick up things like this :)

Keijo said...

Bob, thanks for raisin up my humble stamp blog. I agree with postcardy - we stamp collectors can get obsessive over variations ;)

Anyway, there's another post of these on my blog too. I think it is a prime example of how deeply we stamp collectors can get into minor details when looking of our beloved items.

Anyway, best wishes from rainy lake Sumiainen


Joy said...

I like those muted colours what a nice set/series. Fascinating link; nice research. I sometimes think the collection of definitives can lead to madness, LOL. Link it with Lisa's postcard suggestion and combine with maxi cards and that would surely stack up the albums of Hungarian Castles.