Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Past Its Prime - Thematic Photography

I suppose I'd qualify for 'past my prime' so this week's theme ought to be just right for me.

'Old Glory' Paddle Ferry On The River Tees c.1890s
This old steam ferry worked between Stockton and Middlesbrough. In this view the warehouses and grain elevator on the left are on Stockton Quayside.

An equally old view of Stockton Quay is also in the next view.

SS Stockton - iron steamship unloading at Stockton Quay
The steam lighter 'Pride of the Tees' lies alongside. These ships and quay are long past their prime but can you see the similarity between the warehouse on the right with a building present on the Quay today.

The Replica Barque - Endeavour - Moored at Stockton Quayside 2011
What is it about buildings that announce they are past their prime?

Prime cattle - but past-prime shed. 
Still on an agricultural theme I came across these old implements in a museum in Oxford, Michigan

Farming Implements from earlier years
I'll confess to having used a pitchfork and a scythe. But before Father Time uses his scythe perhaps you should look at other things past their prime at Carmi's Written Inc. 186


Karen S. said...

Oh I just adore the lovable cow next to the past its prime building for sure! My first thought is how I favor the Old Glory paddle ferry, but it's really the entire picture that is just stunning! I'd hang it in my house today! Or as I've been hearing everywhere lately...I'm over the moon about it! But then I saw your Endeavour, and it's cool too, it has that good pirate sort of feel to it for me! Great past its prime photos Bob!

Karen S. said...

...and yes as a matter of fact I like boats, and ships and tugs...I come from a long line of Navy men in my family and we always had ships around. My sister was named Oriana, which in fact was an actress but also a SHIP!

Jientje said...

Your sepia pictures are little treasures, I love them!

Bob Scotney said...

Perhaps I'd better add that the two sepia images are from postcards. I'm not that old that I was around in the 1890s.

Marc Latham said...

Nice theme and photos Bob; I can relate...

Little Nell said...

I have to confess to being partial to a bit of prime beef. That shed may be past its prime, but I bet it's got years in it yet- just like you.

Alexia said...

Lovely shots again. The cowshed is great - and obviously the cow is doing very well, thank you. Fascinating old postcards too, and the implements are intriguing.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I like the cow and the shed, too!

lailani said...

And to think, one day the replica will be past its prime life turns I suppose :) I like the cow too! (and the building beside/behind her)