Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Branded - Thematic Photography

When I saw this week's branded theme I wondered what my archives would contain, For some reason my thoughts turned to the local pubs. This is what I found.

George & Dragon - Union Arms
There is some railway history attached to the George & Dragon in Yarm, North Yorkshire as you can see from the plaque attached.

Stockton & Darlington Railway - 1820 Meeting
John Smiths on sale at the George & Dragon

On the same side of the street is a pub-come-wine bar that has rebranded itself.

Osbournes, Yarm
I preferred it when it was the Green Tree.

Just up from Osbournes is another pub.

The Black Bull, Yarm
I could show you several more but has Carmi's photo was a Hummer I decided to finish with a young lady out for a drive.

Ladybirds ride at ???
At this point I must confess to a senior moment; my memory has failed to identify which seaside place this was taken at.

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lailani said...

I think I am thirsty now! :) Cute ladybird pic!

Little Nell said...

Pubs indeed! You redeemed yourself with that charming last photo though :)

Karen S. said...

Bob these are great! I feel like I went on a pub hop today, and noticed I could probably tie up my horse too! Well back in the day any way! The kiddy ride at the seaside place really brings back great memories!

Max Sartin said...

I love the names of English Pubs, like the "George and Dragon". American bar names have little history to them, except maybe "Joe's" named after the guy Joe who opened the bar. Nice pictures.

Alan Burnett said...

Do you know, I don't think I have ever been to Yarm. You've just sold the idea to me. Cheers Bob.

DW96 said...

I love pubs, Bob. I loved them even more in the days when I could drink. Great pictures.

Rosalind Adam said...

We had a similar historic pub (until it was pulled down about 30 years ago). The Bell Hotel in Leicester was the meeting place for George Stephenson and local industrialists who funded the first railway through Leicester, the Leicester and Swannington Railway.

Carmi said...

What an amazing slice of history! I love this kind of architecture - probably more for the way it makes me feel than anything else. It's so substantial, and it almost seems to transcend time.

I wish we had more like it here in Canada...pity we don't.

The Ladybird picture is too much! Reminds me so much of those early-color pics from my own childhood. Sadly, there weren't many of those to begin with.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I love that pic of the Ladybirds ride.