Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ula First Day

My stamps this week mark the official opening of BP's first platform in the Norwegian North Sea. At the time I was working with BP in Stavanger.

This envelope shows a diagram of Ula's three platforms.

The stamp commemorates the Norwegian Craft Association's centenary in 1986.

The first day postcard below show the Ula platforms in the North Sea.

The stamp commemorates the 250th anniversary of the Norwegian Port Authority in 1985.

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Sheila said...

So interesting. I didn't realise it was as recently as 1986 because it feels as though oil wells have been there for ever.

Joy said...

The three rigs in a line are rather impressive, in this hostile environment (although it looks nice and calm in the photo)

Bob Scotney said...

Sheila - North Sea oil had been going for some time in th UK and Norwegian sectors before this platform was built.

Joy - three platforms was common configuration in the North Sea; one platform for accommodation, one for drilling and one for production.

viridian said...

I remember that offshore drilling in the North Sea was quite the engineering achievement, back in the day (and still today). I could never set a theme where this would fit in - so I will continue to have open weeks. I hope you have many more interesting contributions.

Postcard Perfect said...

Very interesting stamp with great info that comes with it.Thanks for sharing.

Postcardy said...

I especially like the first day postcard (maximum card). You can really get a sense of what the site looked like.

Sreisaat said...

Great stamps and postmarks. I have the same thought as Sheila - I thought they were older than that.
Have a great week, Bob.

Postcards Crossing

Dorincard said...

Lord of the Rigs...Cool! :)