Saturday, 30 April 2011

Gathering Ghosts In May

For  May ghosts we travel from the shores of Loch Ashie near Inverness to the bridge over the River Thurne at Potter Heigham in Norfolk.

On the shore of Loch Ashie - by Mike Coats (CC A-S A Generic License)

 The origin of Loch Ashie's name is unknown; it is not a Gaelic word, and may be derived from the Norse warrior, King Ashie. From a boulder called King Fingal's seat he watched one of the Norse- Pictish battles that took place in the area.

Shortly after dawn on May morning a silent ghostly battle is often seen; records of it run back into antiquity. Large bodies of men in close formation and smaller cavalry groups face an attacking force advancing from the east. Injured men are said to bind sphagnum moss to their wounds with strips from their shirts.

Blickling Hall - by Les Hull (CC A-S A 2.0 Generic License)

The ghost of Anne Boleyn appears at Blickling in Norfolk on the anniversary of her death on 19th May, 1536. A phantom coach pulled by four headless horses drives towards and pulls up on the driveway of Blickling Hall (the place of her birth and childhood). Anne is said to be sitting in the carriage with her head in her lap; she climbs out and inspects each room of the Hall.

On the same date Sir Thomas Boleyn is said to drive a team of headless horses in the area, cursed to cross twelve bridges including those at Aylsham, Coltishall and Wroxham.

 Bridge over the River Thurne at Potter Heigham - by David Metcalf (CC A-S A 2.0 Generic License)

The three-arched bridge over the River Thurne at Potter Heigham is reported to be haunted by a phantom coach and horses.

In the 18th century Lady Evelyn Carew was married to Sir Godfrey Haslitt in Norwich Cathedral on 31st May. But Lady Evelyn had already sold her soul to the devil who wanted payment. At midnight she was seized by the devil's henchmen who seized her and carried her off n a coach pulled by four black horses.
The coach raced down the road to Potter Heigham but crashed into the bridge before it got there, smashing into a thousand pieces and throwing the occupants into the river. All were killed.

Now at midnight the coach is said to reappear and re-enact the fatal crash.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Fascinating, but wonder about the headless horses. In Ashford Carbonel village, every night at 3am the sound of horses, men descend from a carriage and say they will meet again at a time and place. The lady living there is sick of being woken, leans out of the window and shouts, 'Stop bothering me, go and bother the vicar'. Told to me by the vicar, a friend of mine and who lives in the village a few doors away from her cottage. :0)

shelly said...

Really? Has Ghost Hunters investigated?

Marc Latham said...

Nice info and images Bob, thanks.