Friday, 12 October 2012

Men of War - Sepia Saturday

 Alan has departed on a cruise, Kat has posted a picture of some soldiers for us.

I decided to go to war with the Fleet Air Arm and post more shots from my brother's album.

Fleet Air Arm
I have no means of knowing where this was taken. By straining my eyes I believe that my brother (George Arthur Scotney) is eight from the right on the first standing row. The aircraft is a Swordfish; the photo must have been taken c1939.

Arthur's war service took him to the Mediterranean and Ceylon during WWII. I know he spent time on the carriers Illustrious, Indefatigable and shore establishments at Dekheila in Egypt (now Alexandria airport) and Malta. Post war his service record show him as having been at HMS Daedalus (Royal Naval Air Station Lee-on-Solent), HMS Blackcap (RNAS Stretton) and at several airfields on Malta.

However I am unable to place where the following pictures were taken.

Arthur - informal but smart - on the left
Bearded - in the centre
A Group of NCOs
Among the Palm Trees (Egypt or Ceylon)
And finally the pilots.

Pilots (and a Spitfire?)
What chance is there of someone recognising any of them? These men would all be in their 90s if they are still alive.

For other groups of men you need to dash over to the sergeants at  Sepia-saturday-147


L. D. said...

It is interesting to see all the men in the warm climates. Service there was different than in other parts of the world. I can dig the baggy shorts.

Peter said...

Your brother has a very impressive service record! I'm sure he could tell many stories.
I'm almost sure the aircraft is not a Spitfire. That aircraft had a long, lean nose in front of the cockpit. This aircraft looks like it had a crew of two (as opposed to one for the Spitfire).
As far as I am concerned the S. was one of the most beautiful aircraft ever manufactured.
I enjoyed yr post very much!

Postcardy said...

An interesting group of groups fitting the theme.

Unknown said...

Loved seeing those pilots! My father was a US Naval transport pilot during WWII; I have several shots of him standing near his plane...I'll guarantee, though, he never wore shorts! Great photos, Bob!

Brett Payne said...

Fascinating photos Bob. In the last image, I believe the aircraft may be a Fairey Fulmar or something similar. There is a good photograph from an almost identical viewpoinr here. According to that article the first squadron to be equipped with this aircraft operated from the HMS Illustrious in the Mediterranean shortly in August 1940 and, as Pieter pointed out, was a two-seater. There is some interesting material in that Wikipedia article about the Illustrious.

Mike Brubaker said...

Another great mix, Bob. The contrast with the uniforms in the theme photo is striking. What ever would those sharp looking Colour Sergeants say about your brother and his pals in shorts and saggy socks?

Anonymous said...

The final photo with the NCOs and their various socks makes me smile.

Wendy said...

You've shown us a really different look in uniforms. I didn't realize "shirtless" was an option ;-)

I'm always glad to see photos of old airplanes and am grateful for the other posters who add information.

Kat Mortensen said...

I was just going to say, in the "smart" shot, he was nice and clean-shaven, but then the following photo has him all beardy!

Can't help but be reminded of "South Pacific" when I see them all in shorts with palm trees waving in the background. (I know that's not where they were.)

"Bloody Mary" is now in my head!


Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

I love the various kinds of socks and footwear they wore with the shorts. Wonderful photos and how lucky you are they've been saved.

Little Nell said...

Another wonderful tribute to your brother and his groups of assorted chums. Your first photograph is similar to the one I posted; clearly it was the done thing to pose as a group in front of the aircraft. said...

If you had to go to war then somewhere sunny & hot was definately preferable! It does remind me of 'South Pacific' too, giving my age away here!

Jana Iverson Last said...

Such interesting photos! Especially the ones where the soldiers were in shorts. It must have been quite hot wherever they were.

Liz Stratton said...

Just think how thrilled someone will be when they search on 'Fleet Air Arm' and find these photos - perhaps even locating a photograph of their own father or grandfather. Love these pics. The plane in the last photo certainly looks worse for wear!

Jo said...

My father was a pilot and spent 3 years in what was then Rhodesia training RAF pilots. He then was transferred to England and flew transport command. I have no pix sadly. So its interesting to see yours.

Jo said...

Hubby agrees, not a Spitfire, but not sure what it is.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

These are great, Bob. You might link this up to their association page if they have one. I did that for my FIL Troy's Guam pics and lots of people stop by my blog to look at them (they are just Googling Navy SeeBees and run across my link).

Kathy M.

North County Film Club said...

Wow. Your brother sure did get around. He saw some really interesting parts of the world.
Those photos are great - especially the ones in their summer uniforms in the warmer climates.

Bruno Laliberté said...

Great pictures, but these have to be the worst short pants I've seen in a long time. How unflattering...