Monday, 1 July 2013

Kirklevington Scarecrows - Last set

This group of photos is the last I have to show; the winner is in this or the previous three posts. I wonder whether you will have picked the same one as the judges.

Dressed for whatever weather comes along.
I'm sure many of you will remember this TV show - again from some years ago.

The Invisible Man
In the final shot, Bob the Builder seems to have let his ladder slip.

Hanging On.
Don't forget to choose the one you like best and check back on Wednesday to see the winner.


Jo said...

I like that last one the best personally. Looks very realistic.

aw said...

Hanging On is very clever but I think Howard and Marina fit more with my idea of a scarecrow. Are you going to tell us which one won the contest, Bob?

Karen S. said...

Ah yes, in this batch I say Hanging On wins my vote. In fact I like him so much, I wonder what amazing adventures would occur if we were to have something like this hanging over our garage!!