Tuesday, 11 September 2012

At an Angle - Thematic Photography.

Angles creep into shots without you always being aware. I have several to meet Carmi's 'At an Angle' theme this week. I may have shown some of these before so let's see how many you can recognise.

Tall Ships - Hartlepool 2010
I'm sure that the angle of of this plane was not intended - did someone let go of the tail?

Nosedive - Mediterranean WWII
Cables on the Clifton side of Brunel's famous suspension bridge are at an angle too it seems.

Clifton Suspension Bridge - 2010
This big beast needs to have its jib at an angle when lifting heavy loads.

Balder - Heavy Lift Crane
The picture was taken during the construction of the Statfjord 'B' deck at Rosenberg Verft, Stavanger in the 1980s

This anchor is at an angle on the quayside in Copenhagen,

Anchor - Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Also at an angle because it was built that way is this Condeep test leg in Stavanger.

Troll test leg - 1980s.
Finally a picture that's out of this world.

Aurora on Jupiter  taken by the Hubble Telescope
Now that's an 'at an angle' shot that I would have loved to have taken.

For more angular momentum, please visit Carmi's blog at Thematic-photographic-212


Janet said...

The suspension bridge is gorgeous! And the troll's that the building in London? Great shots for this week!

Karen S. said...

A real genuine troll! I think it's a pretty awesome angle! As are all your others, the bridges especially and you know I'm a boat person...and you could have squeezed in a dog angle too you know! :)

Lisa Shafer said...

I think that Clifton Bridge shot captures my interest very well. Nice work.

Max Sartin said...

Cool looking bridge, but it looks like it would be a tight fit for my big old 70's Fords.

Gilly said...

Great bridge shot - and I like Hartlepool too, lovely atmosphere.

Very angular shots!

Rita said...

Great collection of shots.

The sailing ship sent me back to my visit to Chicago a few years ago when they had the tall sailing ships on display in their harbor. Nice memory.

I found the Troll shot very interesting but that bridge is without a doubt my favorite.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Danggit, Bob, you made me look up that troll leg and learn something!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

wow...those are some awesome ANGLES!!
down to earth...and OUT of this world!

i don't know the 'troll leg thing'...and will now go look it up...

Bob Scotney said...

Janet - the Troll leg is in Stavanger. Norway.

Alexia said...

What is that test leg, Bob? Is it a nuclear power chimney?

Excellent angle shots.

Magaly Guerrero said...

Troll test leg got me a little dizzy.

Carmi Levy said...

Don't mind me. I'll be sitting here quietly in the corner, drinking in this remarkable series of photos. That bridge just gets me. You've captured how massive it is, and have done it with a perfectly composed perspective of the details on the cables. Wow!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Great angles! I esp. love the suspension bridge and the nose-diving plane. Thanks for your visit to my blog this weekend. :)