Thursday, 27 September 2012

Roman Fort - Grounded Thematic Photography

This is my second post for Carmi's grounded theme.

Hadrian's Wall built by the Romans stretches 73 miles across England from the North Sea at Wallsend to the Solway Firth, Cumbria in the west. Along the way are the remains of a number of forts.

Pretty cool for something grounded around 2000 years ago.


Karen S. said...

This is an incredible grounded. It sure is really cool, and amazing, how they did this mostly powered by man and possibly animals alone! Bob, thanks for sharing this !

Howard said...

Amazing fort Bob, what's this one called? I've seen Hardknott fort, but I don't recall it being as impressive as this one (it was many years ago though)

Alexia said...

Extremely cool!

Hadrian's Wall is on the list, too :)

Jo said...

You are right, pretty cool. It does surprise me how well some of these ruins survive, not just in the UK but in other countries too which are really prone to quakes.

Never did visit Hadrian's Wall, saw a programme about it on TV recently though.

Max Sartin said...

Very cool pictures. Amazing looking at something 2000 years old.

Gilly said...

The Romans built to last. But 2000 years is quite a "last"! Great photos - and so useful to have a pretty human to give scale to these things!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

oh i LOVE this!!!!
definitely grounded!!

i get the goosebumps when i see places like this...ruins...wandering through there, touching the old stone...just seems to makes everything seem so timeless...WOW!!!!