Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Four Letter Word - Sepia Saturday

When I saw Alan's picture

my heart sank again. To me 'shop' is a four letter word.  So I am surprised to see that shops and shopping have been recurring themes on my blog here, here , and here.

The nearest I could get to a shop like Alan's was this one in that last post.

Dalton Bros Grocery Shop, c1910, Ipswich, Queensland
However I have some exterior shots in my archive - I'm not sure how old they are.

Robinson's Newsagents, Yarm
They wouldn't be allowed to show those smoking adverts today - if they still existed!

Last week I showed a picture of a clock in Yarm Hardware Shop (A Clock for Marilyn). I don't have a picture of that shop but 'fork' is another four letter word so sit back and enjoy

This is a more modern view on Yarm High Street.

Black Bull between Feet First and Strickland and Holt
Will that man keep his feet walking straight by the pub?

I couldn't walk on by this square in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen in the sun
That's the sort of shopping I like - sitting watching someone else have all the hassle.

Now it's your turn to hustle over for a wider shopping experience at sepia-saturday-143


Alan Burnett said...

I was looking for a four letter word to sum up my thoughts about your post. "Good", doesn't seem to go far enough, "Great" has too many words. I will have to make do with 2 x 4 = flaw less.

Tattered and Lost said...

Oh, I hadn't seen the Two Ronnies in a long long time. Very funny. And it's exactly how I felt one night long ago in a pub somewhere in the Midlands. I didn't understand one word that was spoken the entire night.


Ah, the 2 Ronnies!! Great idea and most appropriate!! I'm with you about the shopping. That's why I do most of it over the internet.

Peter said...

Shopping is a great idea. For someone else. I certainly did not understand everything that was said in the vid but even without them, I had tears in my eyes. Great post, thanks!

Little Nell said...

Yes, I think we're pretty well shopped out now Bob but I still enjoyed this post immensely. I never tire of the classic Two Ronnies sketch, and we find ourselves quoting from it regularly and dissolving into giggles. Thanks for the memory - needless to say I watched the entire thing!

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Bob! That video was so funny. I reminded me of a skit from The Carol Burnett show with Harvey and Tim.

Shopping isn't my most fun thing either ... but loved your examples.

Kathy M.

Wendy said...

I've never heard of the two Ronnies before, but that was a funny skit. I don't think many stores offer that level of customer service anymore. Today it's grab a cart and find it yourself.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

shop. ugh.
i avoid it at all costs.
especially around holiday times, when they have sales...people will KILL to get what they want! just not worth it to me!

i LOVE your OLDIE pictures!! storefronts and signs...had so much character.

Titania said...

Bob; thank you for the the two Ronnies; an unforgettable pair; remember also, Open all hours!It was comedy at its best. Yes, like market shopping too; if there are not too many having the same idea! 2 x 4 great post.

Titania said...

Bob, enjoyed the two Ronnies; never forgotten their comedian talents. I also enjoyed, Open all hours! Like markets, but do not like crowds. 3x4 very good post! (I send a comment but I think I did not publish it)

Karen S. said...

Bob, these are (even the oldies) but goodies, I am a fan of shops around your neck of the woods too...they are so quaint and (unmall-like) each one seems to have it's own charm and voice! ..and you always are so funny with all your story lines! Great GOOD, nice, and cool!

Kristin said...

I never heard of the 2 ronnies before but that was perfect!

Susan said...

Such vitality. While shopping isn't my favorite activity, I do think shops reflect cultures.

Good photos all.

Prenter said...

I didn't know the two Ronnies. But now I do! Thank you for this video.

Kathy said...

Enjoyed the window shopping. And got a laugh from the video. All in all, a good day of shopping.

Michael J. McCann said...

Great photos, Bob. The sunshine in Copenhagen that day looks so inviting. And who doesn't enjoy a dose of the Two Ronnies now and again?

Gill Edwards said...

I love the two ronnies sketch, great idea to add it to your post

Rita said...

Interesting shots here. I like the word shop better then the word store. Some how saying I am going to the shops has a better ring then using the word stores.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Of course not being familiar with most British TV, I did not two these 2 guys. I had a great laugh at the video however. I do now watch mostly BBC productions on my Kindle Fire. Sometimes I can hardly understand what is being said but I am getting more used to it. Love Doc Martin, Monarch of the Glen, Ballykissangel and so many others.

Mike Brubaker said...

Neat and tidy, Bob. My wife often tells a story of going to a London ironmonger shop, much like the 2Rons, for some obscure item. When the shopkeeper produced an ancient box, the price was marked in old pence, ridiculously low. But because that was what was marked, he charged her only 5 pence. Deals like that don't happen in today's DIY shops.

Jana Last said...

Interesting photos. I especially like the first one of the grocery store circa 1910. It's fun to see how things looked back then.

And funny skit Bob, although I don't get the joke at the end.

Queen Bee said...

The only four letter word I came up with for your post is "cool" and I think it fits. :) I'm not familiar with the Two Ronnies and enjoyed the video. Please explain the bill hooks at the end, like Jana I didn't get the joke. :)

barbara and nancy said...

I loved the 2 ronnies. hilarious and so perfect for the theme.

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