Sunday, 30 September 2012

Golfing Sunday Stamps

As today is the final day of the Ryder Cup match between the USA and Europe I thought my choice for this week would be golfing stamps of which I have just two. Unfortunately neither are from Europe.

Gary Player - South Africa
Player won the golfing career grand slam once and is one of  only five men to have achieved the feat.

Only one golfer has achieved the grand slam in one calendar year.

Bobby Jones - USA
You will see from the stamp that his grand slam was many years ago in 1930.

For those that don't know the grand slam consists of winning the four tournaments
  • Masters Tournament held at Augusta in April each year
  • US Open played at various locations in the USA in June each year
  • The Open Championship hosted by The R & A and played on a links course at various locations in the UK in July.
  • PGA Championship (USPGA) hosted by the PGA of America and played at various locations in the USA on the 4th weekend after The Open.
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Postcardy said...

I wonder whether any golfer will ever win a grand slam again. There probably wasn't nearly as much competition in 1930. It seems like a lot of different golfers are winning tournaments, and none consistently.

Karen S. said...

I am so happy their clothes are much improved! The game pretty much the same-always, but the style of dress will set a trend for the year, right!

viridian said...

I wonder, along with Postcardy. htere is more competition, and more very talented competition. One would have to golf in top form for a long period of time too.

thanks for joining in today!

Jo said...

I am surprised Tiger Woods didn't make it during his peak. However, as said, there are some excellent young golfers coming along lately who will provide lots of challenge for each other as well as those already on the tours.

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Bob! What a beautiful stamp. I know nothing about golf, and only know about baseball Grand Slams. Thanks for teaching me new stuff. No wonder it is so hard to get a Grand Slam in golf!

Kathy M.

Lisa B said...

It's interesting to see how everyone chooses their stamps and covers for a free theme week, it's like getting to know the person more through their choice :).
Interesting that your brother was in Egypt in the 1940s, do you have correspondence from him from that time? The military used to send those airgraph letters at that time, I think. As they always seem to be having to keep quiet about where exactly they are, then using the local mail and stamps must have been out of the question.

VioletSky said...

Has this cup ever been so closely contested as this year?!

Ana said...

I rarely get to see golfing stamps, and even more rarely, or scarcely ever, i get to watch golf...not something popular here...the most we get to hear about it is when some affair comes to the in general, I know almost nothing of golf..except that it is one of the best paid sports ever :)

Sreisaat said...

I'm more of a tennis fan (along with my buena amiga, Ana of The Whole World at My Hands) and I'm surprised that Tiger Woods hasn't won the Grand Slam in one calendar year.

Have a great week ahead, Bob!

Postcards Crossing

Joy said...

Good choice with all the excitement of Europe winning. I like the Bobby Jones one, so Bertie Wooster.

♥♥ Willa @ Postage Journal ♥♥ said...

I like this stamp.
My husband taught me how to play golf and the first time we played against each other, I beat him in 9 holes and I never played agianst him since, though he keep asking for a rematch! lol!
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