Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weathered and Worn - Thematic Photography

Two of these 'weathered and worn shots' are fairly recent, but one was taken some (unknown) years ago.

Overgrown lawn - 2011
This shot was taken to show the height of the grass after a holiday away. With the camera almost at ground level it accentuated the worn appearance of the patio slabs which are 18 inches long - and there is no step in them.

It was the wind and waves that have given this cliff a weathered look at Mawgan Porth in Cornwall.

Mawgan Porth - 2011
In Gloucestershire I came across this old farm shed along the side of the road between Gatcombe and Awre.

Farm shed - 2008
The roof has gone from one side and ivy is beginning to take over, increasing the worn look. You could not see through the window to find out whether the other half is in use.

I'm not sure who took my last picture which is definitely the oldest and possibly the most interesting.

Empty stables - North Yorkshire
The stables have been 'mucked' out; bags have been filled with what looks like horse manure; the back wall is shored up with timber. The place has seen better days.

Today the buildings have gone to be replaced by a modern monstrosity of a housing estate.

A battle is currently in progress to prevent the building of a further 500-700 houses on the adjacent green belt and school playing fields along Green Lane, Kirklevington on the outskirts of Yarm.

For more weathered and worn contributions please visit Carmi who sets the theme each week at Thematic-photographic-211


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The fight against sprawl is everywhere, I see.

I love the beach and the rocks!

Karen S. said...

All lovely weathered and worn, and I think I heard the horses in the stable photo! More hay is need! The shed looks like it was quite the shed in its day! The long grass has a sort of enchantment to it, but I'm sure once the holiday was over it was mowed away!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

all these old farm buildings...wrapped around with so much legislation about what we can and yet also what we may not do with them

caught well here though,

Max Sartin said...

Great old buildings, they have quite the character to them.

Alexia said...

Good selection, Bob. I half-expected an old boat or ship from you on this theme. I like the big old weathered cliff!

Little Nell said...

The photos of old buildings are appealing but I must admit to a preference for weathered cliffs and rocks - must be something to do with where I live!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

terrific pictures!

i love old brick and stone, so the farmhouse & stables would be my favorites!
but i also REALLY like the persistent grass pushing it's way out from between the cement!!

Gilly said...

Yes, our lawns look like that after a spell away! Lovely old brick barn - pity its lost its roof.

Rita said...

Hard to find a stone shed in my part of the country. I find this one a delight. The beach is also a favorite. I would love to have time to sit in the shadow of that granite wall and enjoy the ocean sounds.

Magaly Guerrero said...

My Piano Man's father is a water colorist, he goes through Friday Harbor, WA painting old barns and trying to capture the worn out beauty before they are "developed" into the "monstrosities" you speak of. I look at his paintings of old wooden structures with soul, then we drive to see the lifeless plastic and iron that has taken their places and I want to weep and then smack someone on the back of the head.

Carmi Levy said...

I hope they win the fight against urbanity, but I fear it will end like all others: with a new subdivision ruining what once was. At least wel'll have your remarkable record of a remarkable place.