Thursday, 26 April 2018

A-Z Challenge 2018 - British Rivers: 'W' Wye, Wear, Wensum.

It's at this stage in the A-Z when I wonder Wye I started and Wear (where) I've got to and Wensum one will comment.

I started with the Wye because apart from the River Severn it has the most westerly of sources in the UK. It rises on Plynlimon in mid Wales and forms part of the border between England and Wales. Its valley is an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

River Wye at Hay on Wye looking downstream towards Hereford
On a visit to Chepstow some years ago I took a photo of the Wye from the Castle walls but as I can no longer find it I have had to make do with this shot, at low tide, instead.

River Wye at Chepstow
The River Wear is one of the longest rivers in North East England. It rises in the Pennines, flows through County Durham, the city of Durham before reaching Sunderland and the North Sea.

I've seen it often from up high on - 

Croxdale railway viaduct carrying the East Coast mainline between London and Edinburgh near Durham
Having started in Wales it's time to finish in the east.

Swans on the River Wensum
The Wensum is another of those chalk rivers I've mention in earlier posts. 71 km of its length has been designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a Special Area of Conservation. If you have Google Earth on your computer you may see all about the Wensum.

It's a tributary of the River Yare despite being the larger of the two and it flows through the city of Norwich.

Photo attributions:
  • River Wye at Hay on Wye: 29 August 2008 ex by OLU - CC BY-SA 2,0 Licence
  • River Wye at Chepstow: 3 September 2003 ex by Robin Somes - CC BY-SA 2,0 Licence
  • River Wear - Croxdale viaduct: 30 June 2007 by Peter G Hughes - CC BY-SA 3.0 Licence
  • Swans on River Wensum: 25 January 2008 ex by Evelyn Simak - CC BY-SA 2.0 Licence.


Bill Nicholls said...

Pass over that quite a lot near Buith Wells

Kalai Selvi A said...

Rivers are abodes of culture and prosperity. A river with crystal clear water builds healthy life around it. Thanks for sharing information about rivers in your place.

Wendy said...

I'm enjoying all these rivers because I'm seeing parts of England I would never see on the regular tour. Low tide is rarely a pretty sight but always interesting to see what is under the river.

Kristin said...

Ha Ha to your opening paragraph. I can't believe we are almost to the end!

Jo said...

Matt's dad was a Wearsider and technically so is Matt - he was born there but brought up in Kent. Heard of the Wye but not the Wensum. There are some lovely spots in the UK which I never saw.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - your Why (Wye), Where (Wear) and Whensum will somebody comment - we are ... these are stunning photos - love seeing them - cheers Hilary