Saturday, 21 April 2018

A-Z Challenge 2018 - British Rivers: 'S' Severn, Swale

The challenge this year is taking me to rivers and places that I didn't know well. For the Rivers Severn and Swale it's a different story.

The Old Customs House, Gatcombe, Gloucestershire
My younger son and his family once lived here. The lane in front leads to a watery end in the River Severn if you pass under a railway bridge.

Here is how it looks in a later photograph.

Gatcombe near Blakeney, Gloucestershire
Close to the river it's only separated by the railway.

The Severn Line train passing Gatcombe
My grandsons and I used to climb a bank through the trees on the right.

Accompanied by Milly and Cara
From the walk alongside the trees different views of the Severn could be obtained.

Severn at low tide between Gatcombe and Purton
The Severn is considered to be the longest river in the UK, rising in Wales it flows c 220 miles to run into the Bristol Channel and thence into the Irish Sea and the Atlantic.

Severn Map - Course of the River Severn
In terms of water flow it is the greatest river in England and Wales.

It's almost four years now since we visited Richmond in North Yorkshire to visit its magnificent castle. of course when you are there you get some magnificent views,

Looking down on the River Swale from the castle walls.
It's a long way down if you fall
Better to take a riverside walk - 

But keep off the rocks and not get swept away

Photo attributions:
  • Gatcombe, near Blakeney, Gloucestershire: 4 March 2007 ex geograph,org,uk by Ruth Sharville - CC BY-SA 2.0 licence
  • Severn Line train passing Gatcombe: 20 September 2008 ex by Stuart WIlding - CC BY-SA 2.0 licence
  • Severn at low tide between Gatcombe and Purton: 28 June 2016 by Forester2009 - CC BY-SA 3.0 licence
  • Severn Map: 19 January 2015 by Chris bayley: CC BY 2.5 licence


Beth Lapin said...

Great tour, thanks!


Wendy said...

OK, now that looks like someone built those "steps" in the river. Did they? Or is this a natural formation? It's lovely, either way.

Bob Scotney said...

Natural steps in the river Wendy. It's amazing what water can do.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

@ Bob - love the look of that railway ride along the Severn ... I hadn't realised Gatcombe Park (presumably) is in that area; delightful - are those poodles because if so ... my brother has a 'Cara' poodle now!! While the Swale looks quite delightful ... wonderful view from the Castle - cheers Hilary

Jui said...

It looks like a lovely place. Thank you for sharing :)
Jui Positive Cookies

Jo said...

Well of course I know the Severn, lovely pictures of the area. Surprisingly I also know the Swale - not sure why, but I am familiar with it. Great view from the castle walls.

Julie said...

As my last home was in a village named Severn Beach, I have spent a lot of time walking along the banks of the Severn, and paying to cross it, which is worth doing for the view. Of course, when you cross the original Severn bridge, you also cross the river Wye...2 for 1 👍 Lovely blog thank you Bob.