Sunday, 28 June 2015

Ports or Harbours - Sunday Stamps II

The ports and harbours on the stamps I have this week are all associated with islands - one from the Isle of Man and four from New Zealand.

Port St Mary
Once a major fishing a trading port in the south of the Isle of Man the inner harbour and pier were created in 1912.

Auckland & Wellington Harbours
Wellington and Auckland are located on New Zealand's North Island. Wellington is the country's capital.

Waitemata Harbour provides the main access by sea to Auckland and is often referred to as Auckland Harbour; it is crossed by the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Lyttleton Harbour & Port Chalmers
Both are in the South Island. Port Chalmers is the main port of  the city of Dunedin and lies 10km inside Otago Harbour.

For other ports of call and harbours in which to take shelter follow the links at Sunday-Stamps-II-28.


Joy said...

The size of the New Zealand harbours certainly contrast with the peaceful little Port St Mary.

FinnBadger said...

Great NZ stamps. The IoM stamp is also very attractive - the placement of 'p' above the amount seems unusual.

Eva A. said...

The NZ stamps are rather original. Do you know the year of the issue?

Bob Scotney said...

Eva - I should have include that - 1980

A Quiet Corner said...

WOW! Those harbors are quite impressive!...:)JP

violet s said...

The New Zealand stamps look like little postcards!

Jo said...

I never did get to the Isle of Man. I like all these stamps. But I like water pictures anyway.

Eva A. said...

Thanks, Bob!