Sunday, 7 June 2015

Homing In

Don't you just hate it when an uninvited guest drops in on a Sunday afternoon when you are trying to relax.

It's even more annoying when they insist on being fed and then refuse to leave. 

This what we have had to put up for six hours so far and all because it wants to show of its iridescent colours and a ring on each leg.

Homing in on the food
At least, so far, it hasn't bitten the hand that feeds it and as you can see from the video evidence, it's here to stay.

It's quite friendly unless you try to pick it up. Then it just turns its back on you and walks away. 

It did fly to the roof of the house next door when I wouldn't let in enter our back porch. It's still strolling round the garden although we have closed up for the night.

I can imagine the kerfuffle there will be if it wants to share a drink or a bath with Woody.

Guarding his 'pool'
Homer should have a loft to go home to. I just hope he doesn't encounter the local hunter in the meantime. 

That ginger cat would scare the life out of him.


Jo said...

Don't they have a name on their rings? Not much use if he won't let you pick him up though.

L. D. said...

What an interesting situation. It must have been tamed by someone and he has learned to beg. I really like the first photo that shows the shine.

Bob Scotney said...

Homer had left during the night, safely I hope.

If we could have caught it we could have traced it by the number on its ring. There may also have been identification details stamped on the end of its wings.

Gilly said...

Did you never see the ring? what a shame! By the way, Carmi is active again, get all your friends to contribute too!

Karen S. said...

I just love it, a couple of years ago we had one stop by too, with two bands on it. Apparently, according to a web site here in Minnesota they do need to take a break to rest and drink up too!