Sunday, 14 June 2015

Making Music - Sunday Stamps II

I'm not musical at all but I know that you will need some instruments to play.

What could be better than these traditional instruments from Guinea-Bissau.

Even I can work out what you would need to do with these.

I wonder what a German composer would have made of them.

Germany - Carl Maria von Weber 1786 - 1826
He would have probably joined in to celebrate his 150th anniversary on his piano or his guitar.

Would the violinist celebrating the 50th anniversary of the British Council promoting the arts have joined in too at the Acropolis in Athens?

Great Britain - 1984
But perhaps you prefer - 

USA -  Celebrating the Century, 1950s
To dance to other tunes check out music made by others at Sunday-Stamps-ii-26.


Joy said...

You've managed to cover all musical styles Bob, a nice mix which I would have an enjoyable time listening to.
BTW your link on Violet Sky's blog is to See it on a Postcard rather than to you. I've nearly done the same thing on many an occasion!

Bob Scotney said...

Thanks, Joy. I'll sort it.

Jo said...

Interesting selection of instruments. Just watched Immortal Beloved about Beethoven. His music is part of the background, lovely film.

VioletSky said...

I like the word 'bombalon'. I'd also really like to know how the 'kota' sounds.

(btw, I deleted the incorrect link)

FinnBadger said...

Really great group of stamps - music is a great universal pleasure for all humans.

Eva A. said...

All beautiful stamps. But the one with the Acropolis on the background has impressed me with so many details.