Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kirkfest Scarecrows - 2015

In my home village of Kirklevington in North Yorkshire 20-28 June is Kirkfest Week.

One of the first events is the annual scarecrow competition. The theme this year was TV shows.

I have to confess I did not recognise the show in all of them and I suspect that a number are from children's television.

However at the Village Hall there was no mistaking:

Britain's Got Talent
Others are more difficult to place.

Most of us would recognise Del Boy though in:

Only Fools and Horse Feed
I'm sure that this would have gone down well with the runners at;

Kirkfest Races

Perhaps this few shots will act as a carrot to bring you back for more scarecrows in later posts.

Don't forget I shall ask you which you thought the best when we get to the end.


Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

I have to visit those races.

Karen S. said...

So far, as of these, Kirkfest Races is my favorite, not just for being funny and delightful, but for the depth of their imagination! Makes you think! But you know me, I love them all, and can't wait to see more!

Jo said...

I love the races. The horse looks so startled.

Ann Bennett said...

Great scarecrows that you put on the blog. I am envious. I would love to tour all the scarecrows. Have fun this week.