Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pleased be seated - Thematic Photography

Are you sitting comfortably? 

Then we will begin with photos from my archives. In the first, you have to guess the year in which the two had taken up the invitation to be seated.

Not exactly modern beach wear I think you will agree
Sixties' youths can get comfortable anywhere.

Our two boys testing out the harbour wall
While Dad and daughter sun themselves at home.

Yarm patio
But when the nest was empty a new patio became the place to be seated instead.

Be seated someone, please
There were even seats available in the empty new front bedroom.

Snow outside - 1992
The window down to the floor just had to go; a wall now retains the heat up to that cross piece. The radiator has been moved but the settee remains for anyone who wants to be seated there.

Into the 21st century Christmases may even be in Michigan from time to time. There is room for our daughter to request 'Pleased be seated' here.

When the meal is ready, that is.
Some do not have to be invited to be seated - just

Maxie. Sit!
Now it's you turn to respond to the the request, 'Please be seated.' with Carmi's friends at Thematic-photographic-331.


Alexia said...

A very pleasant wander through some 'seating opportunities', Bob. The first pic - I would guess maybe 1935? (I'm not much good at guessing dates, though). The lady doesn't seem to be enjoying it particularly...

photodoug said...

Bob, you found some great settings for the theme. The dinner table setting is very inviting. Thanks for sharing.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I'm guessing 1920s, Bob. How about 1926?

P.S. That was 7 seconds for Amie to sit. Most of it was just me playing with the camera. My trick for 100% obedience: When you know for certain they're about to do something, tell them to do it.

E.G. "Get up on the couch, Rory!"

Gilly said...

Love the old photo! I have similar snaps, though not with the high-tech canvas chairs!