Friday, 20 March 2015

You can take a horse to water ... - Sepia Saturday

From the time I saw this week's prompt first appear ...

I been trying to get some local horses to take a drink.

However they all are quite happy to

Munch away at the grass
The smallest one might take a drink - 

If there was not a fence in the way.
He just has to be content to look at the water trough where others have been when I've not been about.

Police horses in a park alongside the Paint Creek Trail in Michigan have to do as they are told, but they do get a rest from time to time.

Rochester, Michigan - 2009
They even get taken to see the Clinton River nearby.

A drink for one
And them both on a hot summer's day
I'll try again with my local horses again tomorrow. If I do not succeed I know where I need to go to get a drink thanks to a special kind of horse.

The Cleveland Bay, Yarm
After all if you can't make a horse take that drink, there is nothing that says you have to abstain.

Cheers Sepians at Sepia-Saturday-271.


Wendy said...

Excellent! After watching all those horses drinking or not, it would be fun to end the tour at the The Cleveland Bay in Yarm.

tony said...

"abstain"..pubs..Nay Lad!

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes Bob, you've got the horses watered one way or another. Love the green of that grass!

Sharon said...

Was it really a hot summer day? Where I live, the grass would be yellow or brown in summer! Definitely not has lush and green as in the picture!

Mike Brubaker said...

Your photos could be a pastoral painting from an earlier time, Bob. Almost Turner or Constable.

Karen S. said...

Oh gosh, what a trot of fun this horsing around has been. The horses and the scenes that they are prancing or looking studly are just lovely too! Green grass, wow.

Helen Bauch McHargue said...

Cheers to you too. Such handsome horses.

Jo said...

That grass was green and lush wasn't it? Poor pony, looked as though he wanted a drink.

La Nightingail said...

Nice pictures and The Cleveland Bay looks like a charming place to indulge a bit.

Alan Burnett said...

Oh I like the look of that horse - and no doubt you can guess which one I mean

Jo Featherston said...

Always hard to get a photograph of a particular thing just when you need it, even if you see it all the the time otherwise, but you got some nice shots anyway, and good that you caught those US horses drinking.