Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hit the road - Thematic Photography

I don't drive much these days and to be honest I was never a fan of hitting the road.

These days I take things much more slowly by walking a lot. 

However there are some roads that I remember well, including one where the trees remind you where you are. This dirt road could only be - 

Oakwood Road
Every where you go, it seems to me you meet road works like these,

Approaching Rochester, Michigan
Nearer home it would be a mistake to go off-road.

Off the A67 in North Yorkshire
It's much more pleasant to hit the road in the other direction.

Turn right for home
Hitting this road is fun on a sunny spring day if you don't turn off here.

A driveway that shakes your springs
Better to remain on the open road.

A67 through the woods
Sat-navs would say keep left at this point.

Lay-by for a coffee stop.
Those in cars don't know what they are missing when they hit the road pass these.

Crocus in flower, daffs not far behind.
Whichever way you drive you miss out on them. I can walk by and admire their beauty.

Even with the trash can waiting to be emptied
Next door to us it will be a while before the grass verge will recover from where builders' wagons have failed to hit the road.

But don't let this put you off hitting the road with Carmi at Thematic-photographic-328


Karen S. said...

Where is a jogger when you need one? Too funny. But such lovely roads, and drives as I first was going to say Oakwood Road, was my favorite, then you kept posting even more lovely spots!

Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

enjoyed the drive about with you :)

Jo said...

Last time I hit the roads in England at this time of the year, I did NOT miss the flowers. I love to see crocus. Won't be here for a while. I miss snowdrops too and woods full of bluebells. Lovely country roads. I thought they were all paved these days.

Alexia said...

Beautiful scenery - and it's definitely spring in your neck of the woods, Bob! I am making my first ever visit to England this May and June, so I am looking forward to great road scenes.

Nicola SeaThreePeeO Carpenter said...

A wonderful collection of pictures.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - lovely shots and aren't the crocuses and daffs and snowdrops - just brilliant. I used to love going off to visit friends or family ... as I'd travel long journeys and I loved the scenery ...

I found a way down from Northamptonshire to Penzance ... then 'they'!! turned it into a holiday route ... oh I loved those journeys before the masses hit the roads ...

Cheers and those lanes have brought happy memories back ... Hilary

DougPhoto2009 said...

Bob, our crocuses are buried under 100+ inches of snow. Thanks for sharing your Spring.

Gilly said...

Lovely wooded road in first photo. Great roads, though you seem to have more trees around than we do! But our potholes can match anyone's!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

There are bad pot holes and repairs being made to same all around D.C. It makes driving a pain. I prefer to walk whenever I can.

I like the pic of the log across the road...I'd take a walk down that one!

Bill Nicholls said...

Good drive around that