Thursday, 10 April 2014

Everything's gone green - Thematic Photography

I was very tempted to put up a series of shots from golf courses when I saw that Carmi had set us "Everything's gone green" as the theme for the week.

However as green is beginning to take over from the winter hues  I didn't have to go far outside our back door for a light green lawn.

Sunlit Lawn
We have a hedge at the bottom of our front garden which we watch to see signs of green replacing the copper beech. No luck so far, but just a few hundred feet up the lane someone has had an early start.

Copper Beech turning green
Other trees are trying too.

Making a break for freedom

One that's broken out - first sycamore leaves
But it has some growing to do, as has this winter corn which looks like - 

A sea of grass
However someone thinks I need to be reminded by this sign further along the fence.

Yet again my morning walk for a newspaper comes up trumps when I'm looking to meet Carmi's theme.

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L. D. said...

That is a lot of green. It makes my brown all over the area look pretty sad. I think we will have green grass by next week. Great green shots.

Karen S. said...

I enjoyed all your photos, but the sea of green is really fantastic! I sure wish we had a bit of springtime on our property!

Marc Latham said...

Great time of year. Thanks for sharing.

Francene Stanley said...

The green is a balm to the eyes after the grey of winter days. Beautiful photos. Visiting from Authentic Blogger.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

met the challenge with great shots. :O)

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Very nice green shots, Bob.

Doesn't it feel grand?

Angelica Terrazas said...


Jo said...

What grass we can see, and there is lots of it now, is still a yucky colour although I see the odd blade of green beginning to force it's way through. Must be pretty hardy because the ground is still frozen solid.

Lovely bright green pix.

Alexia said...

Lots of lovely green - hope you have a good spring to make up for the long winter, Bob. That swathe of green in "A sea of grass" is wonderful.

Gilly said...

That is a very lovely green lawn - how do you do it?? Great green shots, all of them - especially the trees turning.

DougPhoto2009 said...

Bob, great green photos. How lucky you are to have Spring popping out everywhere.

Jutta.K said...

Danke für den netten Kommentar bei mir.
Das Grün mit den Tropfen ist ein Frühstücks-Set
in Makrofotografie ;-)