Saturday, 19 April 2014

A-Z Challenge 2014 - 'Q'

Q - Queens

Finding a dog's name beginning with 'Q' proved impossible. But knowing that Queen Elizabeth II bred Corgis opened up a different approach for me.

A Corgi from Germany
This is a dog I have not met, but it's photo appeared on a Christmas Card we received last year so at least I know where it lives.

The Corgi is a small herding dog associated with Wales.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi
The Queen has been largely instrumental in the popularity of the breed; she has had at least four Corgis at any one time. I have been unable to find a photo of her dogs without copyright restrictions.

However the George VI and Queen Elizabeth Monument has a bronze frieze showing the Queen Mother with her Corgis (on the right).

The Queen Mother, her Corgis and a day at the races
(A bronze designed by Paul Day; photo by Charlie Dave, CC BY 2.0)

The Queen that I knew best lived in America - Maxie, the Matriarch of the Gang of Four, who appeared under 'L'. 

Maxie waiting for the Trash Cart
This photo accompanied a letter I had published in "Dogs Today" in the UK in 2007

“Dear Dogs Today

The photo of a dog tag for Max in a letter about ID law (June issue) reminded me of my daughter’s nine-year-old Labrador, Maxie, who lives in Michigan, USA. She is affectionately known as The Trash Cart Queen (the American trash cart performs the same role as our refuse collection lorries).

When Maxie was a puppy and living on a development where the houses had no gardens, she and her brother Sam would often wander off. Despite both of them being well known it always seemed to be the trash cart that brought Maxie home, riding proudly in the cab.

Though Maxie, Sam and two rescued Labs became the owners of a fenced-off 10-acre plot out in the country, despite the fences Maxie will on occasions still wander off. Now being lazy, she has been known to sit down by the wayside so that she may be picked up by the trash cart and ride home in style, in what she seems to regard as her right. The trash cart crew have never had to resort to coercion or read the details of her address and phone number on her tag.”

As the Matriarch of the Gang of Four, Maxie 'earned' special privileges none of which she liked better than this.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. what a lovely story about Queen Maxie .. amazing - and doesn't she look she's in clover on her chair.

I love Prince William's comments about the yapping Corgis! I found the Welsh connection interesting - it's surprising how they've travelled too ..

Happy Easter - Hilary

Fe said...

This is such fun. I shall have to refer your blog to my nephew who is a professional dog walker among other things.

Popped over from A-Z and glad I did.

Karen S. said...

Oh Maxie you are a sweet heart! You did a great Q post, those can be rather hard to complete!

Jo said...

Funny that Prince William is not pro Corgis. I have met a few over the years, and they do yap.

Love the story about Maxie and the trash cart.

Bish Denham said...

Smart dog! Queen Maxi know how to get around.

Lisa said...

Now Maxie is a dog to love! I've enjoyed my third read about Maxie on your site! She sounds so smart, and lovable. I think the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is cuter than the German one. Can it be that you've found a dog you don't actually have in your village? LOL! Of course I've seen your other posts of dogs not in your village, but really, it seems you can find almost any breed in your village!

melaniegobledvm said...

Excellent take on Q. For the record, there is also the Queensland Heeler (another name for the Australian Cattle Dog). Love the posts. Love dogs. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol Graham said...

I just discovered that you are doing the A - Z Challenge about dogs. I am as well. So glad I found you and will look at your posts.

Carol @ Battered Hope

Susan Kane said...

Queen Maxie and her court--an awesome group to have seen.

I'll need to know more about Corgis, for the time when we move and want a dog.