Sunday, 6 April 2014

Aden - Sunday Stamps

While looking for some older stamps for next week's post I came across these stamps from Aden with King George VI.

From left to right these show:
  • The Harbour
  • Aidrus Mosque
  • Mukalla
  • Capture of Aden 1839
The British East India Company landed Royal Marines at Aden in 1839 to secure the territory and to stop attack on British shipping. Until 1937 the Aden settlement was governed as part of British India. From 1937 it became the Colony of Aden, a British Crown Colony. It remained in British control until 1967 since when it has remained part of Yemen.

There are another two stamps of different denominations showing the Mosque and the port of Mukalla.

There is a family connection with Aden for me as I know my brother will have called there on the way to Ceylon in the 1940s when he was in the Fleet Air Arm.

To see the stamps others have chosen this week please visit Viridian's Sunday-stamps-165.


Postcardy said...

I love old stamp designs like those. I never heard of Aden before.

Jo said...

Funny seeing stamps with George VI on them.

Interesting history.

Joy said...

What lovely designs, I don't think I have any Aden stamps. The 1930s produced some attractive colonial stamps.

Lisa B said...

This set has lovely designs, I have one or two old photos taken in Aden, I will have to see if any of them 'match' the stamps.

Karen S. said...

Excellent stamps, and very nice for your brother, I had to Google, Fleet Air Arm, it was new to me!

VioletSky said...

The stamp with the mosque, especially, has nice crisp detailing.

Hawwa said...

Beautiful vintage designs. Sometimes these old stamps seem more beautiful to me that the last issues.

Glenda Cates said...

I love the stamps thank you for sharing them.

luvlinens said...

I can't explain it. Maybe it's the vintage style and nice colors. I just love all of 'em.

viridian said...

I'd have to look on a map to find Aden - at least I know where Yemen is. These are lovely stamps. Thank you for participating!