Monday, 8 April 2013

A-Z Challenge 2013 - 'G' - Goldfinch

My A-Z posts this year are based on my garden – flowers, animals, the birds and the bees, butterflies - with a bit of poetry thrown in. For some letters I am expecting to cheat somewhat – wishing they were here.

G – Goldfinch, Goldcrest, Geranium, Grass, Greenhouse

Beautiful birds take pride of place today; it’s no coincidence that ‘charm’ is a collective name for these:

 There could not be a more apt poem for them than this:
Sometimes goldfinches one by one will drop
From low hung branches; little space they stop;
But sip, and twitter, and their feathers sleek;
Then off at once, as in a wanton freak:
Perhaps, to show their black and golden wings,
Pausing upon their yellow flutterings

Britain’s smallest bird gets in on the act in the same conifer tree
Listen, what’s that “Si-Si-Si”?
Call of a tiny bird.

A little bird, so beautiful,
that seldom seems to rest.

Geraniums are attractive annual plants at home in beds or tubs.

When we first moved in we could even cultivate plants like these inside -

The Greenhouse
 Until it became too fragile to survive; the space where it used to be was soon occupied by those foxgloves which appeared yesterday ( – see ‘F.’)

At least when we have been away we don’t find that tubs get as badly out of control as the lawn.

This fellow is a lot easier to spot in ornamental grass,

 But Gem is quite content to sit under a tree and watch the world go by.


  • Goldfinch – John Keats – from I Stood Tip-toe
  • The Goldcrest – Brian J Muchmore
Photo attribution:
  • Grasshopper – By Alvesgaspar; featured picture on Wikimedia Commons – CC BY-SA 3.0


aw said...

We used to get a lot of goldfinches visit our feeders and then one year they failed to turn up. At the same time a near neighbour, writing in our Parish Magazine, was exclaiming over the vast number that were visiting his garden that year. We never did discover if we were doing anything wrong and we rarely see the birds in our garden now at all. A shame, as they are one of our most beautiful birds.

Jo said...

Lovely pictures again Bob.


Melanie Schulz said...

Are those pictures from your yard? Lovely.

Bob Scotney said...

Melanie - Gem is in my daughter's garden in Michigan; the grasshopper is fom wikicommons; the rest are all in our property in England.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. aren't the little goldfinches lovely .. you're doing a great display of the British garden .. and yesterday's fronds I forgot to mention .. love them ..

Greenhouses - wonderful invention .. even glass ones!

Cheers Hilary

Bish Denham said...

Your yard, garden, so lovely. I'd love to see a goldfinch. We do have finches, but these.

Karen S. said...

Bob what a wonderful post! Such a lovely greenhouse too, I wish mine was that nice!

Shawn Yankey said...

Great pictures!
Shawn at Laughing at Life 2

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

What a grand selection of "G's", Bob. Your yard is wonderful, and you guys have made it a welcoming spot for many to enjoy. Gem is sweet.

Kathy M.

Sarah Allen said...

Beautiful pictures! I love goldfinches :)

Sarah Allen
(From Sarah With Joy)

Connie Gruning said...

Stunning photo's. What a great way to express G.
A to Z buddy
Peanut Butter and Whine

lostinsidethecovers said...

Gorgeous photos, we get a bunch of birds in our yard as well, they are so fun to watch!
Great G post :)

Sandra Tyler said...

You have a rather delightful blog here:)