Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Vegetative Thematic Photography

When I saw Carmi's theme for the week I had several ideas before finally setting on plants and vegetation. In 2007 I carried out a study on a small local wood which I visited once a fortnight throughout the year. I took many photos each time and even wrote some articles about what I saw. Unfortunately I could not get any editors to publish them.

An aerial shot of the area by the Tees Archaeological Society shows the wood is shaped like a boot - so I christened it Boot Wood.
Boot Wood (btm left) - © Tees Archaeological Society
My first shot is of the field just above Boot Wood; this is used as pasture for horses of a riding school.
Field of Buttercups (May 2007)
 In a clearing in the wood there are many types of vegetation.

Clump of Thistles (July 2007)
Earlier in March before the wood floor is covered in plants I came across these;

White Sweet Violets (and some Stinging Nettles)
Elsewhere among the ferns and more nettles were a wide varieties of grasses; this is one that caught my eye.
Grass - Seed Head (May 2007)
Towards the end of May some areas beneath the trees were a sea of white.
When I was a boy the thickest stems of this plant could be used as peashooters.

To see what others have chosen for 'vegetative' shoot over to Thematic-photographic-242.


aw said...

What a great idea to keep visiting the same spot and record the changes. Surprised you couldn't get it published. Did you try the local newspaper if you have one? Would love to this for the moor behind us but it is impossible to access when it floods and you know what a year we have had for that.

R. Mac Wheeler said...

Beautiful pictures.

I'm so eager to be back where it's green.

Michèle Dextras said...

Wow, we would never in a million years have any type of vegetation in March! Great project Bob.

Jo said...

Lovely pix, sorry you couldn't get it published, a great idea.


Gilly said...

Those are great shots! I love the cow parsley. But the pollen on the grass gave me hay fever just by looking! ;)

photodoug said...

Like the revisiting theme. While stinging nettles are nasty, using peashooters sounds like fun.

Karen S. said...

Bob, these are lovely, and interesting, and I suggest you trying to get them out there again. Sometimes you just have to keep pushing great things! I have my post to create yet, as my muse for Carmi's vegetative is feeling buried yet! It's just a real turnoff for me right now, perhaps because of the very lack of things growing right now!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

A shame you couldn't get those published when there is so much *#*#& that is, Bob.

Alexia said...

That top picture is what I see in my head when I think "English countryside". Beautiful!

Alan Burnett said...

I rather like the idea of adopting a small piece of land and then recording it in detail over time. Photos of the ordinary always seem extraordinary to me.

The Golden Eagle said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I love that you documented changes in one particular area--must have been interesting to watch said changes.

Max Sartin said...

Lots of green. love that first picture of the countryside.