Thursday, 17 November 2011

Classic Thematic Photography

Carmi's classic theme gave me problems for a while until I remembered that I am taking part in the Dickens Journals Online Project. I received a copy of  his 'Pickwick Papers' as a prize when I was at school. This sent me to my bookcase to look for it.
Classic Top Shelf
You may not be able to read the titles of the books on the top shelf at the left. There are no banned titles and none obscured so let's take a closer look.
Classic Book Selection
From left to right we have tucked in the corner a once banned book, 'Lady Chaterley's Lover' (D H Lawrence); 'The Return of the Native' (Thomas Hardy); Villette (Charlotte Bronte); Mansfield Park and Emma (Jane Austen); The Canterbury Tales (Chaucer); The Pilgrim's Progress (John Bunyan) and, the thin green book, The Thirty-nine Steps (John Buchan)

Daphne Du Maurier's 'Rebecca' is next before my prize copy of 'Pickwick Papers' and Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein.'
More Classic Books
I think you can make out the titles of the five at the right but from the left after Frankenstein is Mrs Gaskell's 'Cranford', 'The Moonstone' (Wilkie Collins), Barchester Towers ( Anthony Trollope), 'Wuthering Heights' (Emily Bronte), 'Jane Eyre' (Charlotte Bronte) and before 'The Works of Robert Burns' is 'The Diary of Ann' Frank').
I hope you like the classic collection which we have assembled over the years. But before I sign off my attention was drawn to ornaments on the walls and on top of my 'classic' bookcase.
'Real' copy of figure from the Classical Period 530 BC
This plate and the one that follows came from a holiday we took in Crete about 30 years ago.
Plate from Crete
Any voulnteers to translate the inscription?
Any my final classic piece is this:
Vase - Museum Corinth 560 BC Exact Copy
This vase (or jug) is about 6 inches tall.

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Carole Anne Carr said...

Beautiful photographs. Reminded me of the books, some with tissue paper covering the water colour illustrations, that my Father brought home from Foyles Bookshop, sadly I have them no longer.

Karen S. said...

Oh Bob, what a master of the classic photos here! You have highlighted one of my dearest old friends...the book! Any book!..I feel guilty though, been busy and haven't even posted a photo yet...of course Carmi's been busy too, he hasn't commented on the last several posts again! So I feel better now having said that! If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm happy AGAIN that you did whatever or blogger did whatever so I can again comment on your posts. I so love your humor!

Alexia said...

These are my idea of classics exactly, Bob! A lovely selection.

Max said...

I love books! I tried one of those Kindle things a while back and it just felt artificial. Turning the pages, the solid book in your hand. Reading is meant to be done that way. It's also bad to fall asleep on a Kindle, and even worse to read it in the tub. Great set of pictures!

Little Nell said...

What could be more classic? You have a wonderful selection. I had to cull my books when we emigrtaed and didn’t get it all exactly right. However, there are some books I would never part with, and when I’m decrepit and have moved into one room in a care home, they’re coming with me! My Shakespeare Complete Works and Palgrave’s Golden Treasury, along with other poetry books and my Laurie Lees. I’m afriad I’m very nosy where books are concerned , and when I visit other people’s houses I can’t resist looking at their bookshelves. So thank you for allowing me to indulge in that.