Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dogs on Sunday Stamps

As Viridian has given us a choice and I write about them from time to time I decided to show stamps of dogs this week.

As they are descended from wolves I thought I would start with a Polish stamp.
Next stop is Manama with what looks like a Terrier.
I have a number of stamps from the time I spent in Norway including this one of a dog with a splendid name.
Lundehund or Norwegian Puffin Dog
I had to show this series of stamps from the USA as it includes two breeds owned by my daughter.
Animal Rescue stamps - USA - adopt a shelter pet
Sam and Maxie, Golden Labradors, were my daughter's first two dogs. Although they have gone to the great boneyard in the sky she now has Cody, Scout and Lily - three Golden Retrievers.

Also from USA I could not resist showing this:
The Lady & The Tramp
Finally my favourite set which I have shown before.

I hope you have enjoyed my dogs. To see what others have chosen to post please visit Viridian's postcard blog


Carole Anne Carr said...

Know my friend would be fascinated by your post as she loves dogs.Like your favourite set best, too. Glad to see you included the wolf, reminds me I must write a sequel to my wolf book. :0)

Little Nell said...

One of my favourites of your Sunday Stamps themes. I don’t have a dog now but I used to have as a teenager, and I love them. Sadly they aren’t treated very well here by the locals (though there are exceptions) and there ate some very grim stories. Fortunately there are a couple of charities on the island working hard for our furry friends.

Postcardy said...

Dogs used to be my favorite pet. Now I have cats, so they are my favorite.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Like postcardy, I have converted to cats. :) But I do love these stamps. in particular, the USA set is very appealing, as I suppose it was designed to be.

viridian said...

You have given me an idea. I haven't had cats or dogs (or both) as a theme - so I will in the future. I am sure it will be no problem for you to repost these stamps. :-) thanks for participating.

Karen S. said...

This was great Bob! Quite possibly if there really is a thing as past lives, I love and relate to dogs so much, I may have been one in a "past life" ...and if I had a chance and a promise of a great master I'd be one again without a doubt! ha ha...but really dogs are man and woman's BEST friend for life!

Nelieta (Hostel Tinktinkie) said...

Interesting stamps, Bob! I like the one from Poland :)


VioletSky said...

I am a cat person, but I still like to look at pictures of cute puppies!

Marcie said...

I have also featured dog stamps on my blog today! Dogs are such good friends :)

Dorincard said...

Nice selection of loyal friends! :)

Alfandi said...

I'm not a stamp collector..but there are Malaysian stamps with local birds and wildflowers..just to share the info..

tony said...

Yes,The Polish one is especially good!
I wonder if a postman felt safer with a dog-stamped letter when approaching a letterbox with barking behind the door?