Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Muted Thematic Photography

When I saw this week's theme was muted I was stuck for ideas untl I remembered these pictures from Norway.
Mute Swans on Stokkavatnet, Stavanger

Mute swans have orange bills with a black base and knob (less prominent in the female). They are not as slient as their name suggests as they will snort and hiss when annoyed, some even produce a weak trumpeting. But the swan song, the music said to be produced by a dying swan, is a myth with no foundation in fact.
Mute Swan on the River Tees at Preston Park
I was quite pleased to find these photos in my files. So it's time for me to blow my own trumpet - muted of course just like this.
Eddie Byard plays muted trumpet
Trombonist Tom Ebert, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 1990.
(by I,Infrogmation - CC-A 2.5 generic license)

OK, I cheated as I'm no musician. For other muted contributions check out Carmi's thematic photographic 172


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Gorgeous swans... and ever so quiet when they glide across the water...

Max said...

Great swan pictures, something very calming about watching them paddle on the water. And the trumpet was great too, good to know mine isn't the only musical instrument in the group.

Little Nell said...

The swans were the first thought I had too, but other than that I was struggling. Well done with two variations on the theme.

Darlene 'Dee' Bishop said...

Nice photos. There is something peaceful about the swans. I'm a new follower from Get Your Blog Followers FB page. Would love to have you drop by my site at - thanks!

Bob Scotney said...

Welcome to my blog, Darlene. I'll take a look at your site.

Alexia said...

Very clever of you to think of mute swans, Bob! They are lovely photos too - very peaceful.

Gilly said...

Loved the swans!! And I thought of a trumpet, but hadn't a photo of one!!

You always keep us on our toes!