Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Flashes of Colour - Thematic Photography

I found a series of photos in my archives that fit Carmi's flash of colour theme.

The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge celebrated its centenary in October, but it  was the hoarding in this photo that caught my eye.
Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge & Middlehaven Development hoarding
But somehow we cannot match nature's flashes.
End on to a Rainbow in October

In these days of e-mail it's a pleasure to see a decorated mailbox like this one I passed in Michigan.
Blue Bird Mailbox
Then on a Tunisian beach I snapped this beauty, not so sure she was committed to that parachute ride behind a speed boat.
Hammamet beauty
Finally it was a hotel in Germany that might have been called the Red Lion.
Hotel Zum Löwen, Jestetten
I hope you enjoyed my 'flashes' of inspiration; for more check out Carmi's thematic photographic 173


Karen S. said...

Bob, that has to be the best rainbow I've ever seen! All your shots are fabulous and that building with the cool! Great collection of colors, for a flash of color!

Max said...

That first picture is awesome, but it looks like a bridge going to nowhere. The rainbows are cool too.

Little Nell said...

Oh I do like that mailbox; what a work of art. All these pictures are great, but I experienced a weird sensation with the hoarding. Scrolling down, makes the wavy lines.............well, wave! Obviously an optical illusion - try it!

Gilly said...

Love that mailbox! Wonder if you get a better class of mail in it?!

And the transporter bridge with the hoarding is very well seen.

Love the hotel, too - the Germans do love their geraniums!

Alexia said...

Such a beautiful letter box!

All really interesting shots, Bob :)

L. D. Burgus said...

Really great selection. Enjoyed them all.

Barb said...

Bob, great photos! I'm really curious about that transporter bridge. Does it always stay up in the air like that? I'm familiar with draw bridges, but not floating-in-air bridges!

Bob Scotney said...

Barb, check out my earlier post and all will be revealed

me said...

Bob, the rainbow, while beautiful reminds me of transporter beam, espically the 2nd one. Nothing exciting like that happens here :-(
Beautiful photos as always!