Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Shopping for Thematic Photography

I have to declare that my heart sank when I saw this theme. Over the years I've worked hard at avoiding shopping,  with some measure of success. I thought I had used up all my photos, deliberately taken, of shops in my recent post Sepia Saturday takes the biscuit.

However I managed to find a few.
Stocks Hill, Ketton
If you look closely you will see a flower shop. Ketton is the Rutland village in which I was born in a house less than 100 yards away from this shop. Then it was a grocer's run by Mr Hall. It was here during WWII that I bought a gobstopper a day with pennies left for me by my brother Arthur when he went off to war.

I've mentioned several times before that I worked in Norway for a number of years. So I can add some 'shopping' pictures from Stavanger.
Stavanger - Torget - SS Norway visit
Torget means the square and this is the place where the market is held and just the place to go for fish. Away from the square there are busy shopping streets like the one below and whose name escapes me now.
Stavanger shopping street
I also caught Torget at a busy time.
Torget on Market Day
Now I live in a village in North Yorkshire a few miles outside Yarm where the High Street was once voted the Best in Britain.
Yarm - Georgian High Street
Yarm High Street on Gala Day
(Taken from a window in the Town Hall)

For more on the dreaded  theme 'shopaholics' should visit Carmi at Thematic Photographic 160


Elizabeth Young said...

Absolutely love the pictures Bob, especially the first one. It's like taking a mini-vacation on my own turf with a cup of tea in my hand. Beautiful photography - thanks for taking me back so very much.

Little Nell said...

I’m going to be struggling too I think. I have to actually go out and about this week and actually take some pictures to order! These are nice shots though. That Stavanger street looks as though it could be in York - a bit like The Shambles? I have never been to Yarm (at last you’ve caught me out!) but it looks like my kind of town; reminds me of Stockbridge or Marlborough.

Karen S. said...

Oh my great shopping photos for TP! Of course I have no idea what a gobstopper is, although I feel I should and once I google it I'll probably say oh right...the town of Torget not to be confused with Target, a major chain shopping store here, looks like a marvelous market place, a bit like Fisherman's Wharf for some reason too.....Yarm Street looks like a busy spot also! Very cool too see where you born too...great photos and story you shared for us Bob!

A Paperback Writer Photos said...

See, now I LIKE open-market shopping-- as long as it's not too crowded.
It's big box stuff and malls that I loathe.
Nice choices.

sue said...

hehe, love the photos, but get the sense that shopping isn't your thing ;)

L. D. Burgus said...

Even though you don't like shopping you do have some interesting places to show where people do shop. I liked seeing all the different areas.

Alexia said...

My reaction was the same as yours, Bob - a sinking feeling. But you've posted a lovely selection of 'shopping' pictures.

Your Norwegian pics are slowly moving Norway up my list of places I want to visit...

Gilly said...

Ah! Stavanger! I love market pictures - really the essence of shopping for me.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob .. love the pictures .. and your story about the gobstoppers ... I remember those! I hope your brother came home from the War?

Those Norwegian photos are great .. and their markets always seem so full of life .. and lovely goodies.

Cheers - Hilary

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

loving the pictures of old markets towns as they are now.....thank you

Mustang Sally said...

I'm finding it funny how many people are having an "ewww shopping" reaction but then having more photos than usual for this theme ;)

You have some colorful pictures here. And crowds ... exactly what I don't like about shopping!