Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Rough Water - Thematic Photography

Any expanse of water that is not as flat as a mill pond is rough to me. So for this week's 'rough' theme I will take you on a tour starting in the South West of England.

Mawgan Porth
A little further along the coast is another beach where people walk their dogs.

Crantock Beach
When conditions are right this area is used for surfing.

My grandson surfing at Crantock (May 2011)
Changing countries and changing scenery takes us to Norway and a postcard from my collection.

Geirangerfjord - Seven Sisters waterfall
Still in Norway there is plenty of white water to be found.

Stream in mountains east of Stavanger
Water flows downhill often in a hurry as it does over in Canada.

Niagara Falls
On the Rhine in Switzerland the falls may not be as high; they are impressive nevertheless.

The Rhine Falls at Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Moving closer to home on the River Tees in Teesdale, County Durham you will find this waterfall.

High Force Waterfall (by StoatBringer)
The Tees Barrage is located a few mile from my home and the final rough picture for today shows how it deals with flood water some of which will fallen over High Force miles inland.

Tees Barrage flood water flowing over weir
I hope my water torture hasn't made you seasick because you must check out other 'rough' posts at Carmi's thematic photographic 157,


DW96 said...

Awe-inspiring images, some of those Bob. Love the one in Teesdale.

Little Nell said...

I could hear the crashing and splashing from here Bob - I’m not too good on water so now I feel a bit ‘rough’!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Love any mention of the Tees... sigh!

Alexia said...

A beautiful series of pictures of (mostly) rough water! The only one of these places I've been is Niagara.
My favourites are the ones at Crantock Beach - it looks really beautiful. My kind of place.

Rosie said...

Great pictures Bob, I, too, have been to Niagara Falls back in 1979. I love to hear the rush of water, especially the waves coming onto shore, lulls me right to sleep. Water is the most important element in life, we start our life in the womb with it..........

Rosalind Adam said...

I love looking at pictures of rough water (as opposed to actually being in it) but that last picture was a bit scary. I like water to stay where it's supposed to be. The first picture is my favourite. I love looking at the sea.

Max said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the waterfalls. I've always loved waterfalls. Something about the sound and the cool spray. Great set of picts.

Gilly said...

Ah, I love a bit of rough water! And I enjoyed the Geiranger Fjord too! Crantock beach looks glorious. Great Photos!