Sunday, 7 August 2011

Olympic Games - Sunday Stamps

We are continually being advised that it is less than a year to London 2012. The first Olympics I remember were those in London in 1948. Unfortunately I do not have the set of Great Britain stamps issued then

In 1960 my wife and I were living in a flat in Wolverhampton and we hired our first TV to watch the games in Rome when a boxer named Cassius Clay won a gold. I have two stamps commemorating the Rome games but not from a country that I associate with the Olympics. I'll post them both because I like the shape of one in particular.

Rome Olympics 1960 - Mongolia
Rome MCMLX - Mongolia
I was surprised to find that I do have one Olympic stamp from Great Britain so I have decided to include that as well.

Barcelona 1992 - Great Britain
I could post stamps from other games but there are too many for a single post. Perhaps I can use them another time.

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Joy said...

I like Mongolian stamps, they always have a variety of shapes. Royal Mail have certainly gone to town with the 2012 Olympics stamps, lost count of the number of sets, and we are still a year away.

Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

Of these, the one I remember most is the Barcelona games. We were living in Paris at the time and so many people were planning to go south to see them, it seemed so accessible. As far as I remember nobody managed to get the tickets. And the other memory is of the "No pain, no Spain" slogan. Odd, the things that stick in the mind.

Postcardy said...

Olympic stamps are an interesting and big topic to collect.

♥Oh!GoSh♥ said...

Perfect time for olympic season

Lisa B said...

Yes, Olympic stamps must be a huge collecting area. The Mongolian stamps are interesting. I think the media may be in danger of over-advising us about the countdown, when they started 'only a year to go' I was thinking already they are telling us ;)


oh!!! i have plenty of olympic stamps but i am waiting in january to start posting them, almost like a countdown to the London's games. actually, i should look if i couldn't post something today, once i've done my SS tour.
HUGZ said...

I really like the Barcelona stamp. Such a rich blue color. Thanks for sharing!

Carole Anne Carr said...

Loved to collect stamps as a child. Thanks for the memories.

Postcard Perfect said...

This is a great selection.My favorite is the Barcelona!