Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A-Z Challenge - Houses, some real, some not - 'P'

P - Preston Hall

Preston Hall and Park overlooks the River Tees at Eaglescliffe. The Preston Hall Museum and its surroundings in 100 acres of beautiful park land which has undergone a make-over as the result of a Heritage Lottery Grant.

In addition to the winter gardens at the right, the museum houses displays of art, which normally includes Georges de la Tour’s famous Dice Players, armour and social history. 

Exhibitions show visitors what life was like in the 1800s with craft workers in a typical local street of the1890s. The street includes the shop of John Walker from Stockton; Walker was the inventor of the safety match.

Permanent attractions include an aviary, riverside and woodland paths. The Butterfly World  contains hundreds of butterflies from around the world and even some meerkats.

You may ride on the Teesside Small Gauge Railway or take a trip on the river to Yarm and Stockton aboard the pleasure boat, the Teesside Princess.

The park is an ideal place to walk a dog. Other facilities include safe surface play area for children, crazy golf and a café.

The walks by the river and the Quarry Wood Nature reserve are havens for wild life. 

Grassy areas are perfect for picnics and if you have a piscatorial bent the banks of the Tees provide pleasant spots for plumbing its depths.

[This is an edited post from the first A-Z Challenge I entered in 2011]


Trin Carl said...

I love the attachments to the Preston Hall.
My ideal house would have a porched-in something or another.
In my current YA novel, the children have a secret clubhouse that is an attachment to a porched-in garage.

P is for plays

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Bob - it certainly seems to be an interesting House for a visit ... with lots of alternative attractions ... and we can travel down river to Yarm - that sounds fun ... I'd love a woodland walk, and to see the butterflies ... thanks for telling us about Preston Hall and its various offerings ... cheers Hilary

FinnBadger said...

I had no idea the safety match was invented on Teeside.

Great post today.

Phillip | P is for Paper Bags

Mail Adventures said...

It seems a good place to spend the whole day.
Eva - Mail Adventures

Jo said...

England does have some wonderful places. I think it's sad that they are no longer in private hands. Sounds a great place to visit though.

Kristin said...

What a wonderful green house! We had an old street in the basement of the Detroit historical museum that my sister and I used to love to explore.

Finding Eliza

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place. As an absolute lover of all things historical, I loved this. I was also amused to see you mention the safety match when I'd just read a post by Geoff L Pard about his brother experimenting with explosives as a youngster.
xx Rowena